MSZ-006-3 Zeta Gundam “Strike Zeta”


Unit type: high performance multi-purpose transformable mobile suit
Armament: 60mm vulcan gun x 2, 2-tube grenade launcher x 2, movable beam cannon x 2, hyper mega launcher x 1, missile launchers
Original mechanical designer: Takayuki Yanase
Note: This is a refined version of the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam, intended to be used only within atmosphere and in the vicinity of Earth orbit. Nicknamed “Strike Zeta,” it was developed by Anaheim Electronics for Karaba Air Force during the first half of UC 0088, with economic support from Luio & Co. Ltd. of New Hong-Kong. Its main thrusters were thermonuclear ramjet engines (whereas the original Zeta had thermonuclear jet/rocket engines), and the main wings transformation mechanism was simplified from 3 to 2 steps. Thanks to these modifications the production costs of this model were reduced, the maintenance was easier, and body strength was increased. Its main feature was the large flight sub-unit, equipped with a built-in hyper mega launcher and some missile bays, and equipped for anti-radar stealth effect, which was implemented in the flying armor as well.



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