Tale of Neo Byston Well Ep. 1: Revival


Shot Weapon is transported to Byston Well, and is shown having aged greatly. A man with a bloody sword stands before an Aura Battler. In the present, a large Aura Battler, the Zwauth, piloted by the Black Knight Raban travels through the woods towards the kingdom of Bara-Baran. At the Baran-Baran castle a large group of furry turtle-like creatures drink from a basin prepared for them as the princess Rumel watches. Shion Zaba arrives on a flying creature, Shata, carrying about 10 firefly like creatures, and a Mi Ferario, Silky Mau, in a separate container. He shows her to an old man who says that the Mi Ferario are the key to the Aura Road. Shion declines to sell the Mi Ferario to him. Suddenly there is an attack launched on the castle. A group of troops, led by Beraana Gariaha approach the castle, saying they seek a treasure. Baran-Baran’s forces try to fight them off, including Rumel, who climbs aboard one of the turtle-like creatures. Raban quickly kills the creature with the Zwauth. Shion heads out on Shata and attacks the Zwauth. Concerned about the Mi Ferario, he heads back to the castle. Raban grabs ahold of Rumel with the Zwauth’s hand. Shion lets Silky go, telling her to not be captured by humans again. Shata is quickly killed and Shion is captured by Raban. The castle soon falls to Raban’s forces and the captives are brought back to his castle. Raban asks Beraana to bring him Rumel and asks that they be left alone. Rumel attacks him but he easily throws her aside. Raban asks her to marry him, and then to tell him about Baran-Baran’s treasure. She refuses to both. Shion is brought to the lower realms of the castle by Raban where he is shown large floating rocks and a large red Aura Battler. A fellow capture is ordered to get inside the cockpit of the red Aura Battler. A pair of green eyes belonging to a red caped man, Shot Weapon, watches. As soon as the captive enters the Aura Battler, armor is placed around his body that immediately tears his skin and organs from him, absorbing it into the Aura Battler. Shion balks when Raban says he should go in next, fearing the same fate. Raban tells him that if he is strong enough he will survive it and become a holy warrior. Shion gets in and is surrounded by the armor. Nothing happens to him and the Aura Battler starts moving. Shot says that Shion is the holy warrior.

Shion is thrown in a cell and told that he will be given money and women if he cooperates with Rabaan. Shion witnesses a large craft descend into a chasm on the other side of his cell. He looks above where a number of men are excavating. A man who was caught stealing is thrown into the chasm, his body disintegrating as he falls. Beraana tells Rumel she should cooperate with them and tell them where the treasure is. Beraana asks Rumel if she is with Shion and Rumel asks Beraana if she’s Rabaan’s woman. Beraana shoves her into the wall and leaves the cell. Silky watches from outside the cell and flies over to Shion’s cell. Shion is surprised that Silky came here and that she is able to speak. Silky slowly is able to get Shion’s cell open and tells him she knows where Rumel’s cell is. Shion beats back guards as he rushes towards Rumel’s cell. The three of them start crawling down the chasm on the other side of Rumel’s cell, using a long tree root to get down. As they crawl further down Shion notices a lot of machinery being operated and transported about. They make their way to a laboratory where Raban talks to Shot, who seeks to get back to the Aura Road and recover from his present condition. Shot expects there to be a lot of power released if one was to head to the Aura Road. Once Raban leaves Shion comes in with a crossbow, seeking to hold Shot hostage. Shot floats towards him and reveals that his body is dead and decayed. He claims his soul cannot die. Shion, Rumel and Silky flee. A horn is blown, alerting everyone to the escaped prisoners. Raban stops Beraana from firing upon them as they flee, instead using a bug to track them, thinking they will meet up with allies and lead him to the treasure. Beraana heads out with some troops and the Zwauth follows. Shion and Rumel head to what appears to be the base of a very large decapitated tree. Inside they find Baran-Baran’s treasure, an aura battler, the Sirbine. A large group of people are standing before it, including the old man from the castle who wonders why Shion was brought along. Beraana’s forces enter and attack immediately after. Realizing there is an aura battler there, Beraana orders her forces to stop attacking. The Zwauth makes its way into the tree. Shion heads into the Sirbine and is able to get it to move. Raban realizes this must be the treasure of Baran-Baran.


Well, that was certainly an interesting follow up to an action episode. Shiro surprised me by confessing his love for Aina. I never thought he’d do that. Despite his age, this is obviously a case of love at first sight bases on physical attraction because they only met briefly once before. I also didn’t think they’d get naked and jump in the water. I wonder what they did from the time of their bath to when Norris shows up. It seems a romance is developing between them, despite the fact that they are on opposite sides of the war. I can see this causing trouble, now that the series has entered its second half and is winding towards a conclusion.

Overall Rating

Tale of Neo Byston Well Info

Toshifumi Takizawa

Yoshitake Suzuki

Mechanical Designer:
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Hiroyuki Hataike

Musical Composer:
Reijoru Koroku

3 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 02.25.1988 – 08.25.1988


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