Tale of Neo Byston Well Ep. 2: 700 Year Aspirations


The Zwauth launches at the Sirbine and pushes it over, realizing it can’t move very well. Raban strikes the Sirbine with his sword, hitting it in the shoulder. Silky flies into the Sirbine’s cockpit to help Shion. Raban launches another attack, but this time the Sirbine blocks the attack and knocks away its sword. The Sirbine stands and flies up into the air, away from the tree, taking the Zwauth with it. Shion and Silky are both wondering what’s happening. The Zwauth punches the Sirbine. Beraana and her fellow troops rush outside to watch, as does Rumel. Silky screams as Raban launches another attack, and the Sirbine glows red, knocking the Zwauth away into a body of water. Shion picks up Rumel and flies off. Raban and his forces return to their castle. Raban orders Beraana to take some men and search for the holy warrior, Shion. Beraana reports to Shot, who tells her where to look. Shot thinks of the holy warrior and Mi Ferario becoming more powerful. The Sirbine walks through a desert-like landscape and some soldiers watch from the cliffs above. Some insect-like creatures run towards the Sirbine. Rumel wonders what they should do. Shion doesn’t know. The soldiers ready their arrows, about to fire. The insect-like creatures attack the Sirbine, Rumel in particular, but the soldiers fire their arrows, killing them. Several other insect-like creatures that were pursuing them flee. Shion gets out of the Sirbine and looks at the arrow sticking out of one of the dead creatures. The soldiers reveal themselves and walk before Shion and Rumel, saying they were waiting for the holy warrior. Beraana heads towards the desert and knows they are going the right way since she can see the Sirbine’s footprints. Shion, Rumel, Silky and the soldiers head to a castle in the cliffs above and head to a large hall where many soldiers wait. The commander tells Shion that they have been waiting for him. Shion wonders why, surprising them, and says he thinks they have the wrong person. Everyone is surprised. The soldiers think that he must be the holy warrior since he was riding the Sirbine. Shion knocks away the armor the soldiers try to give him and leaves with Rumel and Silky, upsetting the soldiers. Seeing he won’t cooperate, one of the soldiers grabs Rumel and rides off with her on his horse. Rumel asks the soldier to let him go, but the soldier says he must do this in order to convince the holy warrior to fight for them. He heads off into the woods.

Beraana and her forces, who are watching, head after the soldier carrying Rumel and kill him with arrows. Rumel flees and falls into a quicksand pit, but Beraana quick grabs her hand. Thinking Rumel will be killed, Beraana changes her mind and releases her hand, causing Rumel to fall into a cavern below the ground. An insect like creature crawls up behind her. Shion rides out in the Sirbine, thinking of how ridiculous this is. He hears Rumel’s screams and senses that she is underground. He pushes his sword into the cavern where Rumel is. Rumel flees from a pair of the insect-like creatures. He senses her location and kills one of the insect-like creatures pursuing her. Even more creatures pursue her however. The Sirbine climbs into the quicksand and is able to make its way around. Shion tries to concentrate and figure out where Rumel is. He is able to sense where Rumel is and again launches his sword into the ground, killing a creature that was about to attack her. Silky, who was sleeping in the cockpit, wakes up. Beraana reports to Raban that Rumel and Shion are still together. Raban and his forces head out on a blimp-like craft along with some flying creatures. Shot senses that war is near and chuckles. Silky flies around in the underground cavern, looking for Rumel. She sees some insect creatures and follows them, running into Rumel. Silky warns Rumel to be quiet and still so as to be able to hide form the insect-liked creatures. Soon however two arrive. Rumel stays very still. Silky says that Shion will be able to lure them away. More insect like creatures arrive and move their legs around her body, but don’t attack her. Shion moves the Sirbine’s sword through the roof of the cavern, attracting their attention and leading them away from Rumel. Raban’s forces attack the castle holding the soldiers who had saved Shion. The commander thinks this is proof that Shion must be the holy warrior. Raban demands to know where Shion is. Shion arrives in the Sirbine. He lets Rumel down into the castle. Raban is surprised to find that Rumel is still alive. Shion attacks the Zwauth, and Raban comments that he now appears somewhat more skilled. Raban knocks down the Sirbine and prepared for a finishing strike, but the castle’s commander fires an arrow into the eye of the Zwauth, which stuns it enough for it to drop his sword. The sword falls on the commander, killing him. Shion takes this opportunity to strike the Zwauth. Raban decides to retreat, but is able to grab Rumel and escape with her in his grasps. Shion swears that he’ll defeat Raban.


This episode was an alright episode, but not as good as the first one. A decent amount of the plot of this episode focused on Rumel being pursued in an underground cavern by insect-like creatures which I felt wasn’t necessary. Ultimately Shion rescued her and she ended up back at the castle, to be captured, so I didn’t really get the point of that plot thread other than to fill time. With only three episodes you’d think there wouldn’t be much room for filler, but that’s what happened here! Reminded me of episodes of the original TV series where Riml would get herself in trouble. Anyway, aside from that, the rest of this episode was pretty good and action filled, so if they had just cut that particular plot point, it would have been as good as the first episode. Only one episode left to go, so looking forward to seeing how they resolve this.

Overall Rating

Tale of Neo Byston Well Info

Toshifumi Takizawa

Yoshitake Suzuki

Mechanical Designer:
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Hiroyuki Hataike

Musical Composer:
Reijoru Koroku

3 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 02.25.1988 – 08.25.1988


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