MechaSuper Robot Wars

Trilobite class (Neverland)


Class: Trilobite
Name: Neverland
Ships of the line: GanlandNeverland
Unit type: carrier ship
Manufacturer: Shadow Mirror
Operator: Shadow Mirror
First deployment: unknown
Dimensions: unknown
Weight: unknown
Propulsion: unknown
Equipment and design features: supercomputer Tinkerbell
Fixed armaments: unknown

A Shadow Mirror vessel that was cast into the sea of dimensions, the Neverland was meant to further the Shadow Mirror goal of everlasting war (and thus, progress). The Neverland carried the early W-Series units, which includes W00 Haken Browning, W06 Cardia Basirissa, W07 Aschen Brodel, and the ArcGain. The main computer, Tinkerbell, contained data on various mecha units, such as the Gespenst Haken, the Gespenst Mark II Custom, and the Gespenst Mark III.

During its travels, the ship suffered damage and split in two. The front half, containing the ArcGain and Tinkerbell, crashed on the demon world of Formido Heim. The back half, containing the W-Series storage area and the hangar, crashed on Lost Herencia where it became known as the Mai Tierra. Lost Herencian bounty hunter John Moses found Aschen and the infant Haken near the crash site and took them in. Stahl Deib, king of Formido Heim, took an interest in the technology found on his half of the ship. From the data on Tinkerbell, Formido Heim was able to construct the Alteisen NachtWeissritter Abend, and a miniature version of the Gespenst Haken. They were also able to construct their own Cross Gates. Haken made numerous trips to the ruins of the Neverland where he met friends, enemies and eventually learned the truth of his origins.

First appearance: Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier
Original mechanical designer: Kazue Saito



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