Welcome to 2023

New Year header
New Year header

In past years I’ve often started the new year with an overview of what’s to come. Before doing that, I want to take a look back at 2022, which brought the biggest change in MAHQ’s history. When we relaunched the site on April 1, I noted that nearly 2,000 pages had been rebuilt in the new WordPress site. Well, here we are eight months later and that number now stands at over 8,100 pages! I didn’t expect to get that far so soon, and there’s still some work to do bringing over the remaining Gundam variations, side story and game content. However, the amount of pages left to convert is so small compared to what’s already been done, so I expect this work to take about two months.

And now let’s look forward to what’s coming in 2023. I wasn’t able to create as much new content in 2022 as I’d hoped due to the amount of time needed to rebuild the site in the new CMS. I plan for 2023 to be a catch up year in that respect, with lots of anime and manga reviews cleared out of the backlog. There will also be new series debuting on the site, which for now I can announce includes FLAG and Obsolete, both from Ryosuke Takahashi. Another major project for 2023 is the upgrade of old mecha lineart. Many sections have already been upgraded, but there’s many more yet to be done. I don’t plan to announce every single update, so the next time you check a particular section, you might be in for a surprise.

Here’s to a productive 2023!


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