Gundam Fights and Two-headed Snakes

Gundam X header
Gundam X header

This update represents more of the same type, so let’s look at what’s new:

  • Upgrades for all lineart in G Gundam, along with loads of new vehicle profiles. There’s no point in linking them here since all but two of the vehicle profiles on that page are new.
  • Upgrades for the Super Class! and 7th Fight manga.
  • Upgrades for all the lineart in Gundam X, along with new vehicle profiles for MS Carrier and Helicopter.

As of this update, all Gundam anime from the 20th century have had their lineart upgraded. All that’s left for Gundam at this point is all Cosmic Era entries and some major UC side stories like Advance of Zeta and its spinoffs. Once Gundam‘s lineart upgrades are complete, I’ll move on to other mecha franchises like Macross.


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