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MAHQ Fragment Header

The time has come once again and MAHQ is officially another year older – this time 24 years old. Thinking back, so much has changed about the anime world since MAHQ was founded in 2000 as FAHQ. Websites like and Gundam Project are long gone, as are anime companies like Bandai Entertainment and Central Park Media. Nobody in 2000 could’ve imagined so much of the industry being consolidated under one company with Crunchyroll. MAHQ is still here and is something of a relic of those earlier times, existing before wikis became the default for many fandom spaces. If I were trying to create MAHQ from scratch today, it would probably look very different from what you see now.

And what you see now is officially two years into our new design. We recently reached the point where I finally felt the site’s upgrade was truly done in terms of carrying over content and upgrading the entirety of our image library. That was no small task, but it being done clears the board to focus on other types of content updates. One such update is today’s, and while it’s not as large as past anniversary updates, it’s still important. The following sections have been upgraded to include mecha and vehicle profiles:

  • Xabungle (lineart and specs courtesy of Kuruni with additional contributions from Underrated GM Custom)
  • Ideon

Other sections that currently lack mecha profiles but are planned for upgrades include Gunbuster and GaoGaiGar. In past years, large updates have typically been paired with new content announcements. I don’t have that today either, but instead I’d like to reiterate previously announced content that is on the way. First, though, some backlog clearing is in order for the following sections that lack reviews:

As a reminder, here is a list of previously announced new content:

Watch for all that and more throughout the year. And, as always, thanks to everyone to visits and contributes to MAHQ. We wouldn’t (still) be here without you.


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