Mecha Reading and Site Update Roundup

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This update came a day later than expected, but better late than never, right? Let’s start with the collection of interesting mecha-related reading:

  • Never one to remain idle, Mark Simmons (@toysdream) has posted a detailed production history of Zeta Gundam. Check it out for a rundown on the development of the show’s story, characters and mobile suits.
  • Animétudes (@MatteoWatz) wrote a detailed account on the creation of the first Mobile Police Patlabor film by Mamoru Oshii.
  • Keeping with the theme of these items today, Mystic Eyes of Depth Perception (@TheIdeon) has posted the first part in a series of articles about the creation of Tomino’s 1998 TV series Brain Power’d.
  • Zimmerit has an article chronicling a 1986 Japanese advertising cross promotion between Gall Force and a Sony MSX computer. If you’d like to hear more about Gall Force, it will be the subject of an upcoming Gundamn! @ MAHQ episode.

Now, let’s talk about new sections that have been converted from the old site. This week’s super robot-themed additions include:


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