Site Update Roundup

Zone of the Enders header
Zone of the Enders header

It’s time for another roundup of site updates, and also some news. It’s worth mentioning first that as of this update, the new version of MAHQ has surpassed 3,000 pages! While that is a terrifyingly large number, there is still much that remains to be brought over. Let’s go over what got converted in the last week or so:

For the news part, in the April 1 update, I mentioned that MAHQ would be looking for new contributors. I’m happy to announce that Dylan (@LowPolyRobot) and Six Dettmar (@SixDettmar) are coming aboard as contributors. You may know them as the co-hosts of the Mechanista in G podcast and from their guest appearance on Gundamn! @ MAHQ. From time to time, they’ll be writing on video games and other mecha-related topics, so look forward to that.


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