Reading and Conversion Update Roundup

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Dunbine header

Recent updates have not included the roundup of mecha-related reading, but that’s definitely not the case today. Here are some things from around the internet that you should check out today:

  • Author Magen Cubed (@MagenCubed), a frequent guest back in the Chaos Theater days, has a new essay on her personal connection to Hideaki Anno’s Rebuild of Evangelion movies.
  • Animétudes (@MatteoWatz) returned to the topic of Patlabor with an in-depth essay on Patlabor 2.
  • On the subject of Patlabor 2, military news site Task and Purpose posted a few months back a detailed write-up on the realism of the movie’s depiction of aerial combat.
  • Finally, Mystic Eyes of Depth Perception (@TheIdeon) posted the second part in a series of articles about the creation of Tomino’s 1998 TV series Brain Power’d.

And now on to the updates to the site. If you’re a fan of bug-themed fantasy mecha, today is your day. The following sections have been converted:


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