NRX-018-2 Daughtress Neo


Model number: NRX-018-2
Code name: 
Daughtress Neo
Unit type:
 general purpose mass production mobile suit
Manufacturer: New United Nations Earth
Operator: New United Nations Earth
First deployment: A.W. 0015
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: head height 18.2 meters
Weight: empty 8.0 metric tons; max gross weight unknown
Armor materials: unknown
Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rating unknown
Propulsion: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2 x wired beam rifle/beam cutter, mounted on forearms
Optional hand armaments: beam rifle

The New United Nations Earth continued development of mobile suits and one of the last models it built was the NRX-018-2 Daughtress Neo. The Daughtress Neo was a mass production mobile suit based on the old U.N.E.’s DT-6800A Daughtress. The suit’s main armament consisted of two forearm-mounted beam cutters, which also doubled as beam guns. Additional armament included a standard hand beam rifle. The Daughtress Neo was introduced late in A.W. 0015, with the majority of them being used during the 8th Space War to fight the Space Revolutionary Army and their new mass production mobile suit, the RMS-019 Crouda.

First appearance: After War Gundam X
Original mechanical designer: Junya Ishigaki


Rear view

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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