Orguss 02 Ep. 5: Destroyer


At the palace in Geran, Miran comments that it’s a beautiful night, but Perion thinks it’s ugly. Suddenly, Siplay vomits up his food and dies. Miran shouts out for help, but Perion shows her a bottle of poison and tells her she should call for a monk rather than a doctor. Perion asks Manning where the ministers are, and Manning reports that they’re gathered in the throne room and that he has the declaration ready. Perion declares that the world will be reborn. At the space elevator, Captain creates a new human mask for himself and conducts a medical scan on Lean’s eyes to begin treatment. Nataruma wakes up and finds a note from Captain to eat and change clothes. Akamasu is released and takes a car ride with Manning, who reports that Kerachi is dead. In the throne room earlier, Kerachi started to confess his crimes to Perion, including fathering Siplay and helping kill Mendez. He defiantly dared Perion to kill him, so Perion drew a sword and slashed his neck. Akamasu asks about Miran, who has gone mad and is clutching Siplay’s corpse to her chest, convinced that he’s still alive. At the space elevator, Captain comments that he only had new clothes for Nataruma, but he’s sure she doesn’t like them. Lean says it’s a shame he can’t see for himself, and Captain comments that his sight will be restored in about a month. Captain tells Nataruma that she has a mysterious power that he’s been searching out for 200 years. Nataruma demands to know who and what he is since humans can’t live for 200 years. Captain says that he’s not human and takes off his mask, revealing his robot face. Akamasu meets with Perion, who wants a strategy for defeating Verifer. Akamasu outlines a plan to blind Verifer by cutting off its supply of seekers, but that means luring the Armor to the edge of Geran. Perion objects to the plan because it will damage the countryside, and he tells Manning to use Kerachi’s collaborators as sacrifices. Akamasu touches the ground of the small island they’re on and notices that it’s warm. Manning wonders why there’s no snow on the island in contrast to the rest of the area. Captain explains that the space-time oscillation bomb caused the tragedy when it detonated and combined the Earths of different dimensions, creating a patchwork world. That brought together people like human Kei Katsuragi and Emaan Mimsy Laarz, who fell in love and had a child. Their child is Nataruma’s ancestor, and the blood of three worlds gives her a special power. He continues that they fought another war to undue the tragedy, which separated the different Earths and sent all the Armors to this world 200 years ago, along with Captain and Mimsy. Captain is dedicated to removing all Armors from the world and needs Nataruma’s help to activate the space-time oscillation bomb.

Manning releases Toria from the dungeon and leads her through a dark tunnel. He mentions that Lean escaped, but he doesn’t know where he is. Manning leads her outside and gives Toria a letter addressed to his ex-wife with train tickets for Toria and Shil to escape. Several soldiers hot-wire batteries together to power Armors. Akamasu inspects the Armor pilots, who take off with bombs to launch a suicide attack on Verifer. One of the bombs explodes and sets off a massive shockwave, but Verifer isn’t completely destroyed. The Armor fires missiles at a nearby building, killing Akamasu. Captain explains that he needs to monitor Nataruma’s psychic waves so that he can calculate the coordinates on how to separate the Armors from the world. She doesn’t understand what he means, so he likens it as having the latitude and longitude to assemble a jigsaw puzzle. He tells Nataruma to concentrate and think of the universe, but she isn’t able to. Manning reports Akamasu’s death to Perion and adds that Verifer lost its lower body and is moving at half speed, but it can still attack. Perion puts on the crown, which was made smaller to fit Siplay’s head, and he laughs because it doesn’t fit him now. Perion then opens a hidden entrance in the garden and asks Manning to follow him. Nataruma’s psychic waves start to stabilize. As they ride an elevator down, Perion tells Manning that he pretended for seven years to be mentally retarded so that Miran wouldn’t assassinate him. However, on the private refuge of his small island, he discovered a massive Armor. Cables connect to Perion’s body as the massive Armor starts to break out from the island, which negatively affects Nataruma. Perion’s body is transformed into a cyborg, and he tells Manning that he wanted to avoid using the Armor because it would damage the countryside, but now he has no choice. The giant Armor takes off and flies in the sky. Nataruma passes out, and Captain tells Lean that they can’t use the bomb because someone is interfering with the psychic wave. Lean wonders if a relative of Nataruma is responsible, but Captain says that she’s the only Emaan in the world. He explains that after appearing in this world, it took him 20 years to repair his broken body, and another 80 to build the new space-time oscillation bomb. He spent a century constructing Orguss 02 and only recently started searching for the Emaan descendant. He learned about Nataruma and her family, which has only been producing females and becomes infertile after giving birth. The Zafrin are shocked when Perion’s Armor appears in front of him. Captain recognizes it as Liboh and sees that the ultimate weapon has been excavated.


The long-awaited connection to the original series is finally explained. Whatever Kei and Olson did, it indeed separated the patchwork Earth. However, it also transported Mimsy, Captain, the space elevator and Armors to the Earth of this story, which was less technologically advanced. We’ve seen the devastating impact that Armors have had on this world, and Captain has dedicated himself to finishing the job by building Orguss 02 and a new space-time oscillation bomb. He needs Nataruma’s help with this because she’s a descendant of Kei and Mimsy’s biracial child. Captain’s explanation gives us some brief cameos of the Glomar‘s crew, although it’s a bit odd to see Kei and Mimsy with different character designs. On other fronts, Perion outmaneuvers everyone by killing Siplay and Kerachi, plus revealing that his retardation was just a ruse. Kerachi’s death and Miran’s insanity are fitting ends for all their scheming. Perion activates the massive Armor Liboh and turns himself into some cyborg thing, which has also no doubt driven him mad. This, of course, puts Manning in an uncomfortable position as to what he’s going to do. With one episode left, the battle line between ridiculously huge Armors has been drawn.

Overall Rating
Orguss 02 Info

Fumihiko Takayama

Yuji Kishino
Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Mayori Sekijima

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunihiro Abe
Takashi Hashimoto

Character Designer:
Toshihiro Kamamoto

Musical Composer:
Torsten Rasch

6 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 12.05.1993 – 04.25.1995
U.S. 09.30.2003


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