Orguss Ep. 11: Dummy


With the Glomar hiding in a forest, Shaya uses binoculars to spot Chiram forces in the distance. Shaya then activates a jammer that should hopefully scramble Chiram singularity sensors. As their Ishkicks fly patrol, Henry reports to Roberto that their sensors are being jammed. Roberto decides to play it as if they know nothing and let the Emaan think they have the advantage. Lieea scolds Maaie for saying in front of Paptee that she doesn’t want to be killed by the Chiram, but Paptee says it’s ok because she’s forgotten about what happened to her husband. Kei finds Paptee in the corridor and asks what’s wrong, but she says nothing and walks off. He then overhears Lieea suggest to Shaya that they should just sell him to the Chiram to put an end to their problems. Shaya notes that Kei is important to the Emaan, and Kei says if he dies, all their problems will end. In the forest, Mome and Leeg work on preparing a dummy Orguss while Kei captures a deer. Slay wakes up in the infirmary and finds Mimsy asleep at the foot of the bed. He says he feels better, but Mimsy tells him not to push himself. Shaya comes in and asks about Slay’s condition, and he comments that nothing’s been fine since Kei appeared. Shaya talks to Mimsy outside and notes that she’s been cold to Slay recently, but Mimsy explains that she’s just taking care of him. Shaya grabs Mimsy by the arm and tells her that she can’t be in love with Kei because he’s from another world. Kei is impressed by the dummy Orguss and climbs into its pelvic cockpit. Captain panics when Jabby mentions that Kei is going to die, so Jabby has to explain that it’s part of Shaya’s secret plan. Shaya has the Glomar take off and deactivates the jammer so that the Chiram can pick up Kei’s position. Henry picks up Kei on his sensors, so Roberto has the Ishkick squad swing around to attack. Mimsy asks what’s going on and struggles with Shaya to activate the jammer. When Orguss appears, Roberto orders his men to damage the legs and not kill Kei. Henry notices that Orguss is moving differently and fires missiles that hit Orguss and destroy it.

The Chiram forces search the wreckage of the fake Orguss, and Roberto criticizes Henry for his actions, noting that they’ll all be punished for this. Henry thinks the situation is unusual, but Roberto doesn’t want excuses. Henry notes that Orguss moved differently and exploded when he hit its legs, so he wants to search the ship. Chiram soldiers search the Glomar and report to Roberto that nothing unusual has been found. After the Chiram depart, Henry breaks off to follow a hunch. Mimsy stands on the deck and thinks about Kei. Shaya, Leeg, Jabby and Mome discuss their plan’s success, but Jabby cautions them against being careless. Shaya asks everyone to keep this secret from the crew until they’re sure that the Chiram won’t attack again. Elsewhere, Kei sits in the real Orguss, which is hiding inside a cave. Shaya wants to speak with Mimsy, but Mimsy slaps her and blames her for turning off the jammer. Shaya asks Mimsy to consider marrying Slay since she’s reaching her fertile time. She notes that no man will marry her after she turns 18, but Mimsy counters that she’d rather miss the opportunity to have kids than marry someone she doesn’t like. Mimsy storms off in anger and takes off in a scooter, but she immediately comes under attack from vampire bats. Jabby asks Mome to save Mimsy while Shaya orders the crew to get inside and shut all windows and hatches. Slay sees Mimsy in danger, and Mome takes off in a scooter and uses meat to lure the bats away. A large number of them stick to Mimsy, and Maaie notes that she won’t make it at this rate. Maaie and Lieea take off in their M-Lovers, and Kei turns on the radio to listen in to what’s happening. When he hears that Mimsy is in danger, he takes off and heads for the ruined city. Henry watches the real Orguss approach and rescue Mimsy from the bats. Shaya comments that all their effort has gone to waste now thanks to Kei. Kei punches the attacking bats, but Mimsy passes out from a loss of blood. Kei kisses Mimsy, while Henry decides to retreat and report the news to Roberto.


Given the intersection of all these different dimensions in this fractured Earth, it’s not surprising there’d be an area filled with barbarians. It’s somewhat amusing that even with their primitive weapons, they’re able to cause more damage to Orguss than the Chiram have, particularly losers like Roberto and Henry. The tension between Kei and Slay finally reaches a critical point, with Kei laying down the declaration that Slay should protect Mimsy. Given that the Emaan don’t have the same experience with hand-to-hand combat like Kei, it’s no surprise that Maaie hesitates to shoot or that Slay shrinks with fear when one of the barbarians grabs Mimsy. While he finally did stand up and try to fight, he managed to accomplish exactly nothing. At the very least, however, he’s got Mimsy’s attention focused on him for the short term, which for him is probably a victory.

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Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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