Orguss Ep. 14: Operation D


Kei wonders if it’s true that the Chiram won’t attack anymore, and Maaie explains that they’re near Emaan country. Lieea wonders if Slay is dead, but Maaie thinks he’ll come back to them. Elsewhere, a group of Mu robots attack a Chiram city and come under fire from several tanks. However, the tanks prove ineffective and are easily destroyed by the Mu. Several Ishkicks attack from above and manage to take down one Mu. White stops watching the video of the attack and asks for a progress report on capturing Kei. A soldier reports that the Glomar has entered the Afghanistan rift valley. White receives a report written by Henry and is dismayed that Olson wasted a chance to capture Kei. Olson looks at a picture of Tina and is approached by Athena, who wants to know why he stopped her from attacking Orguss. Olson explains that if this goes on she’ll hurt the singularity, but she doesn’t think that’s a problem. Olson says that he can’t reveal the singularity’s identity, but he’s necessary to restoring the world. Athena thinks they should try mind control, but Olson tells her it won’t work. After she leaves, Olson comments that fate is a cruel mistress. White asks for a progress report on Operation D and is told they need a month, but he insists upon half a month. Roberto visits Olson and informs him that he’s being stripped of his command. He says he knew that Olson being a singularity wasn’t enough to restore the world, and Olson wonders how he knows his secret. Roberto assures him that he won’t leak the secret, but it doesn’t matter because headquarters has issued orders to kill Kei. Roberto also notes that Olson has been demoted and will now be serving under him. Olson calls White and asks why an order has been issued to kill Kei. White notes that they don’t need Kei anymore now that they have Operation D. Olson points out that Operation D might not work, but White demands to know why Olson let Kei escape. He says he doesn’t trust Olson any longer and hangs up the call.

Kei runs into Mimsy on the Glomar‘s deck and tells her that everyone is worried about her. He says that Slay might be alive, but she angrily tells him to leave her alone. Athena hears the news about Olson and thinks that he should protest, but he says there’s no point since this will be his final mission. Olson takes off in his Nikick and departs with Roberto’s team. Paptee asks Kei how Mimsy is doing, and he says she’s still depressed. Paptee hopes Slay returns soon if he’s alive because the crew can’t stand not knowing. When an alarm sounds, Kei rushes to Orguss, followed by Maaie and Lieea in their M-Lovers. Since they’re near Emaan country, Shaya thought they were safe and turned off the jammer. The three take off and come under fire from Roberto’s squad. Kei is surrounded by Ishkicks and notes that they’re being more aggressive than usual. Olson calls Kei on the radio and tells him to escape because it’s too dangerous. Mimsy asks Kei to come back, and Olson wants to know why Kei is just standing still. Olson decides to take action and starts firing on his own forces, so Roberto tells his men to kill both singularities. Orguss is hit while covering Olson’s Nikick and falls through the canyon. Roberto orders his men to pursue, but they suddenly come under fire from the Emaan’s mass produced Orguss II units. The Orguss IIs destroy multiple Ishkicks, forcing Roberto to order a retreat. In the canyon floor, Kei lies unconscious from his injuries, and an Emaan Drifand Dal recovers Orguss. Back on the Glomar, everyone is relieved to see Kei back. Shaya asks a man why their reinforcements were so late, and he explains that the curial couldn’t reach a consensus on how to deal with the singularity. That hasn’t changed, and as a result Shaya and Mimsy’s families are at war. Kei wakes up and tells Mimsy that the Chiram are no longer hesitating and are trying to kill them. Olson walks through the valley floor in his Nikick.


The status quo changes quite a bit in this episode. With the Mu pressing their attack on Chiram cities, White is backed into a corner and presses for the swift completion of the mysterious Operation D. Whatever it is, he thinks it’ll restore the world without having to rely on the singularities, so he issues the order to kill Kei. He also loses trust in Olson and demotes him. Roberto temporarily gloats about having Olson serve underneath him, but that ends when Olson betrays the Chiram to protect Kei. We also see the introduction of the Orguss II, a mass production mecha created by the Emaan. But even with reinforcements, we learn that things aren’t going much better for the Emaan due to political strife. Slay’s absence hangs like a cloud over this episode, but it quickly moves to the background as other problems pop up.

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Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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