Orguss Ep. 16: My Factory


Kei feeds birds in a park and thinks about Olson’s revelations regarding the Chiram. Mome brings Shaya bread, although Shaya is deep in thought regarding what the scientist said about Kei. Leeg visits Mimsy and brings a small cactus plant. Their meal is interrupted by two policemen who demand to know where Kei is. Leeg mentions that Kei is with the Thoov family, and one of the police mentions that the Thoovs intend to capture Kei and brainwash him. Mimsy decides to visit Shaya and asks Leeg to contact the rest of the crew. Kei walks alone through the street and is surrounded by armed men. He grabs one of their rifles and manages to beat all of them up before running away. One of the men throws a baton at Kei to knock him down and then smacks him over the head. Mome rides on a hovercraft and searches for Kei, who is loaded into a hovertruck and taken away. Mimsy asks Shaya where Kei is, and she answers that she sent Mome to find him. Mimsy asks about the Thoovs brainwashing Kei, but Shaya dismisses it as a rumor. However, Mome runs in and reports that Kei was kidnapped by Thoov security forces. Kei is taken to a room filled with Thoov representatives who want him to do them a favor, but he refuses. Kei confuses a woman for Shaya, but she’s actually her twin sister, Manisha. An old man tells Kei that he has to stay with them, but Kei asks who they are to order him around. The old man states that they need Kei to restore the Emaan world, but he refuses to help them. Kei is handcuffed and asks if this was Shaya’s idea, but Manisha says she hasn’t spoken to her. Leeg explains to the crew that the Laarz and Thoov families disagree about how to deal with Kei. Mimsy thinks she might not be able to travel with the Glomar any longer, but Shaya vows to take care of it. Kei is strapped to a machine, and Shaya rushes over to headquarters on a hovercraft. The brainwashing machine is activated and starts delivering electrical shocks to Kei’s head.

Shaya confronts Manisha and demands to know where Kei is, but Manisha refuses. She says that Shaya does whatever she wants and only remembers she has a sister when things are rough. Shaya apologizes and admits that she should’ve taken the job of being the family’s leader. Manisha asks if Shaya cares about the Emaan’s future, and Shaya responds that though she’s unpredictable, she loves the Emaan more than anything else. She thinks destroying a man’s mind is despicable, but Manisha calls her naïve. She states that the Chiram are trying to kill Kei, meaning they’ve found a way to repair the world without having the singularity. Manisha believes they need to find both singularities to save their world, but Shaya doesn’t think they have to be brainwashed. Manisha states that if the Laarz family has their way, the Emaan will go extinct. Manisha shows Shaya a video of Kei’s brainwashing and says that even if she could stop it, she wouldn’t. Shaya says she understands now and punches Manisha in the stomach to knock her out. The technicians continue with the brainwashing and stop due to fluctuations in Kei’s brainwaves. Mimsy paces back and forth worried about Kei, but Leeg tells her they have to trust Shaya. Dressed as Manisha, Shaya comes to take Kei and argues with a guard. With the guard gone, she frees Kei from the machine, but he accuses her of betraying him. She promises to explain and drags Kei away just before the guards return. Manisha wakes up and realizes that she’s wearing Shaya’s clothes, and the guards report that Shaya grabbed Kei. Manisha orders the guards to summon all the troops. Shaya gives Kei a skeleton key, and the two escape on scooters, but not before Kei knocks down a few guards. They meet up with the rest of the crew, but Kei is dismissive of Mimsy and says he misunderstood the Emaan. Shaya tells the crew that leaving Emaan is the only way to keep Kei safe, and everyone agrees to come along. Manisha vows that she won’t forgive Shaya even though they’re siblings. Kei asks why the Emaan treated him that way, and Shaya tells him that the Chiram are trying to kill him because they don’t need him. A Deemora squad opens fire on the Glomar, so Kei launches in Orguss and returns fire, but he only disables them. Manisha orders her guards to close the city’s massive entrance gate, so Leeg fires the Demolisher Cannon to blast a hole through it. The Glomar and Orguss escape and leave Emaan behind. Although Shaya can’t go back to her family, she says having everyone with her is enough. She tells Kei that although they need his help, they can’t deprive him of his freedom.


The Glomar‘s stay in the paradise of Emaan comes to a swift and bitter conclusion. We see on display a fundamental conflict between the Thoov and Laarz families: the Thoov want to force Kei to help them through brainwashing, but the Laarz want him to help of his own free will. Manisha dramatically declares that the Laarz method will lead to the Emaan’s extinction, which is a completely false dichotomy. She seems to enjoy being in this position, if only to rub it into Shaya’s face. Aside from learning that Shaya has a sister, we see some resentment because Shaya was supposed to lead the family but chose to do her own thing. While Shaya has been very carefree up to now, she makes the difficult choice to turn her back on her family to do what’s right by Kei. Thankfully, the entire crew agrees with her, but the downside is that they’ve now made enemies of both the Emaan and the Chiram. That’ll certainly make things more difficult for them from now on.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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