Orguss Ep. 17: Seventeen


Slay watches a sunrise by a lake, which drains out due to a dimensional transfer. On the Glomar, Leeg wonders what they should do now that both the Chiram and Emaan are chasing them. Mimsy confronts Kei about leaving to meet the other singularity and tells him he’s being used by a Chiram spy. Kei counters that Olson is good, unlike the Emaan, who wanted to brainwash and use him. Kei pushes Mimsy away, and she falls to the floor. He assumes she’s playing around and calls for help when he sees she’s actually in pain. Kei stays with Mimsy in the infirmary, but an alert comes in that Thoov family troops are approaching. Multiple Deemoras open fire on the ship, and Shaya apologizes to Kei for what’s happening. He tells her it’s not her fault and rushes to launch in Orguss. Kei wonders what’s up with Mimsy since Shaya wouldn’t explain her condition. Kei takes off and engages the Deemoras, destroying multiple units while coming under fire. Shaya asks Captain to tell Kei to hide in a maze-like canyon up ahead, but Captain says he doesn’t like hiding. He reluctantly passes along the message, and Kei moves toward the canyon. The Thoov commander is informed that the Glomar will escape into the canyon with a low sky, but he isn’t worried because it’ll exit in Death Valley, which fills up with water. Kei moves through the maze and wonders if there’s an exit, but he stops when he spots a shadow up ahead. He flies around the corner and spots a blinding light that Slay’s Drifand Dee emerges from. Kei tells Slay that Mimsy is sick, and Slay asks for details about her condition. Kei escorts Slay back to the ship, and Slay rushes to see Mimsy in the infirmary, where Paptee is caring for her. Slay sees that Mimsy’s two tendrils are joined together and says she doesn’t have much time. He then asks Kei to join him on deck because he’s got something to tell him. Slay explains that Mimsy isn’t sick, and that what she’s got is a natural biological process for Emaan females. However, he blames Kei for causing its onset before she got married. Kei doesn’t understand and says it’s good that she isn’t sick, so Slay slaps him. He explains that Emaan females get feverish as they’re about to turn 17. After they get the fever a second time, they can never get pregnant and will not be seen as a female by men. Nearby, the Thoov ship lies in wait for the Glomar.

Kei thinks about Slay telling him that Mimsy will end up as sexless if she isn’t married. A group of Deemoras follow the ship, so Captain thinks they’re scared to attack. In the hangar, Leeg, Mome and Jabby work on repairing Orguss. Maaie and Lieea worry about whether or not they’ll be able to find love. Mimsy wakes up and has a dream of Slay leaving her at the party where they met. A group of masked men laugh at her and tell her that no man will want her. In her delusion, Mimsy asks Slay to marry her, which gets him excited. Kei congratulates Slay and tells him he’s a better choice since he and Mimsy are from the same world. The ship approaches the exit to Death Valley, where the Thoov forces are waiting. The Thoov commander orders Shaya to land and hand over Kei in exchange for a safe escape. The ground begins to rumble, and Shaya says that the valley will fill up with water at sunset. The cracks in the ground begin to close as water starts to rush out. The Thoov commander reminds Shaya that they’ll drown soon if they don’t hand over Kei. Shaya refuses to hand over Kei, but she has no ideas. Kei tells Slay that he’s leaving the ship, and Paptee comments that he doesn’t want to be a burden to them. Kei launches in Orguss just as the hangar submerges underwater. The Glomar takes off and comes under fire from the Thoov ship. An Emaan ship belonging to the Laarz family arrives and attacks the Thoov ship. Slay takes off in an Orguss II and slams into the Thoov ship, which crashes and explodes in the lake. The force of the blast drains out the lake, and the remaining Thoov forces retreat. Mimsy wakes up and asks Paptee if Kei died, but she tells him it was Slay. Mimsy asks when they found Slay, and Paptee is surprised that Mimsy didn’t know about his return. Kei thinks about Slay while Mimsy cries in bed.


After being presumed dead for several episodes, Slay miraculously returns, only to die for real this time. No explanation is given for how he survived the Chiram attack or what he’s been doing all this time. Kei is still understandably bitter about the Thoovs attempting to brainwash him, but that’s put on the back burner when Mimsy falls ill. What no one tells Kei until Slay returns is that this is a function of Emaan biology. If Mimsy doesn’t get married before her next fever, she’ll be infertile and considered sexless by Emaan society. That’s a really weird system and I don’t see how that could conceivably work. I’m disappointed in how Shaya was portrayed in this episode. After taking a heroic stand last time against her family for the sake of protecting Kei, she’s back to being bumbling and completely clueless. I thought she’d grown beyond that, but apparently not. In the end, Slay’s sudden return and death rings hollow. He’d been gone for long enough that people had thought of him as being dead anyway, so his return is like a short blip.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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