Orguss Ep. 20: Broken Through


As the Glomar reaches Europe, Mome and Mimsy argue over who gets to make tea for Kei. He intervenes to stop the argument, but the pot gets launched in the air and lands in his hands, burning them. Shaya asks Kei if he thinks his message will get to Olson, and he replies that he trusts Athena. Mimsy jealously states that Kei has been obsessed with Athena since his return and storms out of the room. Goovu tells Shaya that they need more food and water, and Leeg calls her to the bridge. He tunes the radio to boost reception, and Kei realizes Olson is being chased by the enemy. He rushes down to the hangar and launches in Orguss, followed by Maaie and Lieea in their M-Lovers. Leeg tells Kei that the enemy is Emaan, and when Kei asks if they can call for support, he’s told Budoru is too far away to contact. Several Deemoras fire missiles at Olson’s Nikick, so he flies close to the ground to try and lose them. He then transforms and opens fire, destroying three units. Olson takes off and comes under fire from more Deemoras. Kei calls Olson and asks him why he can’t fend off an enemy like that. Maaie fires at a Deemora with a non-lethal shot, but the pilot ends up flying into the dimensional barrier and dies anyway. Lieea spots Manisha’s fleet approaching and warns Kei, who asks Olson to retreat with them. Manisha orders her ships to open fire, which damages Olson’s Nikick. Olson asks Kei to leave him, but Kei notes that the whole reason he came was to save Olson. The sudden appearance of a storm provides them the cover they need to escape and return to the Glomar. Olson introduces himself to the crew and says he wants to rest on his own. Kei asks what’s going on and if Olson is trying to destroy the Emaan. Olson reminds Kei that the Chiram are his people and that they’re both the solution to the problem since they were present when the bomb exploded. Olson mentions Mimsy and tells Kei not to do things just because of a woman, which upsets Kei.

As the Glomar takes off, Leeg tells Shaya that they’ll be caught over the sea. Mimsy walks in on Olson punching Kei as the result of their argument. Kei explains that he started it, so she helps him out of the room. He warns her not to get too close to him, especially since he isn’t Emaan, but they end up kissing. After meeting up with Budoru, the ship heads for Fansui, but they’re surrounded by Deemoras. Jeanne prepares the city for war and tells Shaya they owe her for the help last time. The locals provide food and supplies to the ship. Olson tells Kei that there are humans aside from the Chiram, but they have to do something to take responsibility for their past actions. Olson tells Kei that he has to take responsibility for his child and mentions that it’s Athena. Olson adds that with Operation D the Chiram are researching a new dimensional weapon, so when it’s done the power will be out of their hands. Manisha calls Jeanne and demands that they hand over the Glomar, but Jeanne vows to fight to the death to protect its crew. Manisha gives Jeanne two hours to reconsider, but Jeanne counters that there’s no point. As the crew tries to come up with ideas, Olson suggests calling in the Chiram to cause a battle with the Emaan, which would let them slip away. Kei leaves to prepare Orguss, and Shaya asks Maaie and Lieea to standby in their M-Lovers. As the deadline nears, a Chiram force led by Roberto’s Ishkick Command approaches. Manisha’s ships launch their Deemoras, and the Ishkicks attack the fleet. The Glomar and its backup take off, and Shaya tells Jeanne they plan to break through and escape. Shaya fires the Demolisher Cannon at a Deemora squad to clear a path, with Orguss and the M-Lovers finishing off the rest. Olson’s Nikick is damaged and crashes in the city, but he manages to eject before it explodes. Kei calls Mome and orders her to take the singularity jammer and rescue Olson. She takes off in a scooter and picks up Olson. With the Glomar escaping, Manisha decides to fall back, as does Roberto. Later, Kei sits on deck with Jabby and feels guilty about giving Mome an order. He thinks about his responsibilities and vows to find Olson.


Kei and Olson are reunited, and the truth finally hits Kei that Athena is his daughter. The Glomar is still on the run from the Emaan, and of all places, they end up back in Fansui. Things seem to be better now under Jeanne than they were under her deposed predecessor. It’s disappointing to see Manisha play the role of a simple villain here. She even lets out some cliche villainous laughing, and at this point she’s on the same loser villain level as Roberto. It seems like she’s more interested in defeating her sister than she is in using Kei to save the world. There’s also a thread about Mimsy’s continued jealousy regarding Mome, which is just silly. However, at least Kei shows some maturing as the weight of his responsibility is finally starting to become clear.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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