Orguss Ep. 21: Father


Olson ejects from his Nikick before it explodes, but he hits the ground hard and injures his leg. A crowd gathers around him, but Mome picks him up and carries him on her scooter. Olson later wakes up in a house and finds that his wounds have been bandaged. Mome introduces herself and explains that a family has been taking care of them all night after he passed out. Mome adds that Olson won’t have to worry about the Emaan because she brought the singularity jammer. Olson asks the family why they saved him when his crash caused so much trouble, and they simply answer that he needed help. On the Glomar, Mimsy worries about Kei going to Paruma, but he says he has to discuss something with Olson. He takes off in Orguss and recalls Olson’s words about taking responsibility for his past actions. Athena flies over the city to look for Olson and instead spots Orguss. She opens fire on Kei in the hopes of forcing answers about Olson out of him. Kei maneuvers behind the Nikick, and when it turns around he sees Athena in the cockpit. He recalls what Olson said about Athena being his daughter and calls her. She says his tricks won’t work on her, and he tells her to listen to her father. She doesn’t think a selfish man like Kei could be her father, so she starts shooting again. Kei flies through the city and tries to dodge her, which gets the attention of Olson and Mome. When they fly by the house, Olson hops onto the scooter to give chase. Mimsy is worried about Kei, but Shaya notes that they can’t stay there long with Manisha trying to find them. Athena keeps shooting at Kei, and he flies under a bridge to try and lose her. Olson keeps yelling at them to stop, but they can’t hear him. Kei asks Athena again to stop shooting, but she refuses to listen. He maneuvers behind her to fire, but he stops when Olson jumps in front of him. Kei isn’t able to slow down in time and hits the scooter, sending it into a free fall.

Olson manages to pull up and make a rough landing in an open field next to a river. Athena lands her Nikick and runs over to Olson’s side. Kei lands Orguss and opens the cockpit, but Athena pulls a gun on him. Olson tells Kei that everything he said about Athena was true. He then reveals to Athena that Kei is her father, but she laughs it off as a joke. Kei says it isn’t a joke, and Olson insists that he’s serious. Athena then recalls Tina telling her that her father’s name was Kei Katsuragi. She then declares it a lie and thinks Olson must have the wrong man, but Kei says it’s true. He didn’t believe it at first given their similar ages, which Olson says is due to the space-time shift. Olson recalls Tina’s later years when she was bedridden with illness. She asked Olson about Kei during a visit, but he said they hadn’t found any sign of him. Athena still doesn’t believe it, but just then Mimsy lands her M-Lover nearby and pulls a gun on Athena. Athena raises her gun, so Mimsy shoots it out of her hand. Olson stands to bandage Athena’s wound, and Kei tells Mimsy that Athena seems to be his daughter. Mimsy doesn’t believe it, and Kei says he doesn’t either. Athena says she won’t forgive Kei for leaving her and Tina behind. Olson wants Athena to calm down and think about how to live with Kei, but she wants nothing to do with him. She starts crying and wishes that Olson was her father instead of Kei. Athena runs off in her Nikick, and Mimsy sees that she has special feelings for Olson. Kei doesn’t mind who Athena loves, but he notes that if she married Olson and they had a kid, he’d be a young grandfather. Athena wipes her tears away and wonders if Kei really is her father. Olson speaks with Kei and wonders if they have to destroy all non-Chiram worlds to fix the damage. He remembers the family in Paruma and says their attempt to fix space-time will put many lives at risk. Mimsy picks flowers and takes off, leaving Kei and Olson with their thoughts.


Although this episode does push one subplot forward, there’s really not much going on here. Kei has been told by Olson that Athena is his daughter, but he keeps waffling about whether or not he believes it. With Kei and Athena almost killing each other, Olson tries to defuse the situation by revealing the truth to Athena. This triggers some flashbacks where we see Olson visiting sick Tina and talking about Kei. Not surprisingly, Athena is shocked by the news and doesn’t believe that a pig playboy like Kei could be her father, especially given their similar ages. However, when she declares that she wishes Olson was her father, that’s kind of weird since she’s displayed romantic feelings for him in the past. While it’s certainly important that Athena knows the truth now, the main storyline doesn’t really go anywhere here.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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