Orguss Ep. 28: Come Back Lover


The massive Chiram fleet rendezvous with the Emaan fleet over the ocean. Mome runs up to Kei in a panic about the Chiram fleet surrounding the Glomar. Captain rants to the crew that no matter how many the enemy’s numbers, justice will win. Wesley asks for a status update on a device to control the singularities and is told it’s only 40 percent complete. White isn’t worried as long as the device is ready before they reach the space elevator. White notes that the Emaan must really need the rod metal for their space-time transformation device, so he thinks they’ll accept his proposal. Wesley calls the Glomar, and Shaya nervously stumbles at having to deal with a general. Wesley notes that White is willing to help and announces that negotiations must take place on their ship. Kei bursts into the room and tells Wesley they don’t need his help. He says that he and Olson could die at any time and wonders what the Chiram would do then. He refuses to negotiate unless it’s as equals, so White calls in and tells Kei he wants peace. White agrees to Kei’s demand and tells Shaya she can decide the time and place for the meeting, adding that he also has rod metal to offer. Shaya tells the crew that because the D system is gone, the Chiram need Olson and Kei and won’t pursue the Glomar anymore. Olson offers to negotiate for them and asks Kei to stay behind as back up. Olson, Shaya and Paptee take off in a craft and meet White and Wesley over the water between the two fleets. Olson checks several female officers who are being offered as hostages for weapons. Paptee takes her babies with her to the Chiram craft to serve as a hostage, and the crafts go their separate ways. The Chiram women ask where the brig is, but Kei tells them they have the freedom to relax. Mimsy jealously tells them they’re free to act as long as they know they’re hostages. Kei and the others watch the live feed of the negotiations. Wesley explains that they’ve made a mistake and realized they were no better than the Mu. White tells Olson that they have to find a way to repair the planet before it’s destroyed. A Chiram officer asks how they plan to negotiate the gap between the elevator and the Great Singularity. Before Shaya can answer, Manisha cuts in and refers technical questions to Leeg. A Chiram soldier rushes in with news about an Emaan who wants to board the Glomar. Wesley asks for an explanation, but Shaya doesn’t know what’s going on.

A Drifand Dee docks with the Glomar, and Mimsy runs down to meet the Counselor, who informs her that her mother has suffered a serious accident. She’s in a coma and has been calling Mimsy’s name, so the Counselor has come to take her to the hospital. He grabs her by the arm, but Kei stops him and says Mimsy doesn’t want to go home, so she shouldn’t be forced. The Counselor tells Kei that he’s an outsider and shouldn’t interfere, but Mimsy answers that she wants time to think things over. Mimsy calls the Chiram flagship to explain the situation and asks them to proceed with negotiations. White comments that he thought the Emaan only wanted to save themselves, but he sees that’s not the case. He thinks they can work together to fight the Mu, and Wesley shows them a reconnaissance video of the Mu declaring that they will annihilate the Chiram and Emaan to rule the world. White offers to help complete the space-time transformation device and gives them the rod metal as a sign of good faith, which Shaya accepts Jabby thinks this is going too smoothly, and Captain wonders what to do since he’s a Mu robot. Kei tells the Chiram women they can leave, and one of them gives him a kiss. Mimsy tells the Counselor to go home. Olson feels uneasy, but Shaya believes she can trust White. Mome walks out onto the deck and joins Captain. Jabby quietly tells Kei that Mimsy will indeed be going home, so he runs off after her. Leeg tells White and his men that they plan to use the metal to induce the space elevator to release its stored energy into the anomaly. The released energy has a range of 100 meters, and within that range they can reach and repair the anomaly. They can then send Kei and Olson into the elevator, but due to the danger they need the space-time transformation device. Kei runs into the hangar and tells Mimsy not to leave, but she promises to return quickly. She takes off with the Counselor in the Drifand Dee, and Olson blocks Kei’s path. He tells Kei to think about his responsibility, and Shaya pleads with him as well. Kei walks over to Orguss and thinks about Mimsy.


Things take a dramatic turn in this episode, which eschews combat to focus on story and character development. The Chiram are being backed into a corner by the Mu, and though they declare that they wish to work with the Emaan, their intentions are insincere. They say all the right words and manage to win over everyone, except Olson and Jabby. Shaya plays into their hands far too easily, so for once it’s good that Kei jumped in and acted like a jerk. The Mu video definitely sold everyone on the threat, and I’m sure the image of a mass of Mu robots saluting with raised arms was intentionally Nazi-like. The sudden drama of Mimsy’s mother falling ill causes her to leave the ship, but it also shows that Kei is still wishy washy about his responsibilities. Despite the severity of what they need to do, he was willing to toss that aside without a thought to impulsively chase after Mimsy. There’s not much time left for Kei to get really committed to what he needs to do.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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