Orguss Ep. 3: Pretty Machine


Kei examines the smoking wreckage of his Bronco II as Mimsy approaches on her scooter. Kei jumps onto the back of the scooter and struggles to hold on as Mimsy speeds through the forest to reach the Glomar. Kei asks Mimsy how the ship flies, and she tells him it’s an anti-gravity system. He asks if it’s difficult to control, and she says it isn’t because the M-Lover also uses it. Mimsy runs to the bridge and asks Shaya what the situation is. Shaya comments that Lieea is struggling, and Mimsy calls Maaie to tell her that only she can protect the ship. Slay fires the ship’s cannons at an incoming Ishkick, but it launches missiles that make contact. Maaie chases and Ishkick and destroys it. Shaya asks how Kei is, so Mimsy runs down to the hangar and sees him taking off in an M-Lover. Mimsy calls Kei and tells him to come back, but he tells her it’ll be ok since he’s a pilot. Kei maneuvers around to acclimate himself to the M-Lover and attracts the attention of two Ishkicks. He dodges their missiles and realizes that he can’t fully control the anti-gravity system yet. He fires missiles and destroys an Ishkick, but another attacks him from the rear. He then destroys an Ishkick ahead of him and swings around a tree to destroy the last Ishkick. However, four more Ishkicks appear and open fire, but Kei destroys two and forces the others to retreat. Shaya criticizes Mimsy for giving all the battle instructions on her own. Mimsy praises Kei for his performance in battle, and when he says it’s nothing, Shaya tells him to not be so humble. Lieea calls it the birth of a hero, but Maaie thinks it’s too early for that. One of the Ishkick pilots calls in to report that their mission failed. Henry Steiger thinks that they need to report in about their mission, but Roberto doesn’t want to be recalled and decides to launch himself. Elsewhere, Olson arrives at Chiram headquarters.

Kei’s damaged Bronco II is hauled atop the deck of the Glomar, and he realizes it won’t fly anymore. Shaya offers to fix it and install an anti-gravity system, and Kei asks if they can add arms too. Mimsy promises to do all if that if Kei will stay to protect them, but Shaya doesn’t think they can trust him to not run away. Kei thinks to himself that it wouldn’t be bad to stick around since there are lots of girls and delicious food, so he agrees. Chiram President Jeffrey White asks Olson if he knows who the singularity is, but Olson isn’t sure. White asks Olson if their men are free and says he took away their freedom, but Olson doesn’t think it can be helped while they’re at war with the Mu. White knows Olson is right, but he says that breaks his heart to send soldiers to the front. He tells Olson that they have to get the singularity before the Mu destroy them and puts Olson in command of the home front. Kei asks Jabby why all the trees are withering, so Jabby explains that it’s a greenhouse effect created by the dimensional barrier. Kei asks what will happen to the world if this continues, and Jabby answers that everything will die. They have to repair the world to prevent that, and Kei hopes a solution is found. Kei goes down to the hangar and sees everyone working on the Bronco II and an M-Lover. Mimsy asks Kei to join her in town, and they take off in a Drifand Dee craft that she has trouble controlling. Kei struggles with Mimsy to take the controls, so she slaps him in the face. They land in the village and are surrounded by curious children, and Kei is surprised that they aren’t Emaan. Mimsy offers an old man an anti-gravity unit to make a phone call to Emaan territory. Mimsy calls her mother and reports that she’s found a singularity. A young girl approaches Kei and asks him to buy her. Kei is disgusted by the idea of slavery and grabs the old man by the collar. The old man explains that the girl is a robot and removes her arm. Kei wants to buy her and tells Mimsy that he’s sad even if it is a robot. Mimsy doesn’t want to, but Kei refuses to leave unless they buy the robot. Mimsy argues with the old man about the price, but he says it’s expensive because it’s a Mu robot. He lowers his price when Mimsy starts to walk away. Kei, Mimsy and the robot take off in the Drifand Dee and head back to the Glomar.


This episode also picks up where the last left off and continues the battle with the Chiram. With Kei’s Bronco II out of the picture, he impulsively launches in an M-Lover and does very well his first time out. He wants to have his Bronco II fixed and equipped with arms, but the Emaan get him to stay on the ship in trade. We’re also reintroduced to Olson, who is now a VIP in the Chiram military. White comes across as a man forced to take action because of two great threats: the war with the Mu and the slow dying of the planet thanks to the greenhouse effect from the dimensional barrier. Kei’s shock when he sees regular human children is understandable since he’s now been hanging around with Jabby and the Emaan for a while. What’s not surprising is that he buys a robot girl out of pity. Now that the Chiram and Emaan higher ups know about Kei, it’s clear they both have plans for him as the singularity.

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Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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