Orguss Ep. 31: Children


Kei and Mimsy have sex on the Glomar. He starts to say that he’s not Emaan, but she tells him not to say anything else because she’s happy. Athena lands her Nikick in the ship’s docking bay and heads to a meeting that Kei is late for. Athena announces that she’s been assigned to protect Kei and Olson. Mimsy takes a bath and thinks about Kei, but she passes out and is found by Maaie and Lieea. They wonder if she’s getting her second fever and take her to the infirmary. In the infirmary, the two realize that they have to find husbands before they turn 17. Paptee examines Mimsy’s vitals and sees that it’s not the right time for the fever, so she asks Mome to conduct a scan. The scan reveals that Mimsy’s cell structure has changed, so Paptee concludes that she’s pregnant. Mimsy wakes up and asks what happened to her, and Mome says she feels envious. Paptee delivers the news to Kei, Shaya, Olson and Athena that Mimsy is pregnant. The crew visit Mimsy in the infirmary, but Paptee makes them all leave so that Mimsy can get some rest. Olson tells Kei that things have become more complicated now, but Kei walks away. He asks Kei why he did this now when he knew what would happen, and Kei yells at Olson to leave him alone. Athena steps in and says she won’t give up because the baby will be her sibling. Kei angrily walks away and tries the combat simulator. He encounters Mome, and though she’s worried for him, he tells her he wants to be alone. He then takes off in Orguss and leaves the ship, but he’s quickly pursued by Olson and Athena. Kei doesn’t care about traveling alone and wants them to leave him be. Wesley is informed that both singularities are away from the Glomar and can be captured, but he doesn’t think it’s necessary. Olson insists that he and Athena aren’t going away, and Athena thinks that she’d shoot Kei if it wasn’t her job to protect him. A dimensional disturbance appears in front of them, so Kei advises speeding through it to avoid getting caught.

The three mecha get pulled into the disturbance and vanish. Shaya delivers the news to Mimsy, but she’s sure that Kei will return. Wesley hears the news about the Singularities disappearing, and a technical officer explains that since the disturbance is unstable, they might return. The officer adds that Athena might not be able to return, but Wesley doesn’t care because she’s expendable. Kei and the others emerge in an alien landscape, which Olson explains must be the Earth of a billion years ago. He warns them not to leave their cockpits because there won’t be any oxygen. They’re then bombarded by an incoming meteor shower and open fire to defend themselves. Kei vows that he won’t die in this place because Mimsy and his baby are waiting for him. The three fly through a canyon and manage to outrun the meteor shower. Olson tells Kei that he hasn’t changed at all and seems to love Mimsy very much, the same way he did Tina. Athena hears them on the radio and recalls crying as a child because kids made fun of her for not having a father. Tina assured Athena that her father was a good man who had to go far away. Athena is distracted and is nearly hit by a meteor until Kei blows it up. She asks why he saved her, and he answers that he needs no reason to save his daughter. The portal appears and is blocked by meteors, but they all rush in. They dodge meteors and fire missiles to clear a path and emerge from the other side unharmed. Kei returns to the ship and embraces Mimsy, saying that he’ll always come back for her. Athena tells Olson that she can see now how Tina was happy with Kei. Olson tells Athena that he can’t be like Kei and doesn’t have the same courage.


There isn’t much story advancement here, but there is some important character development. Kei and Mimsy finally consummate their relationship, and the result is her getting pregnant. I’m not even sure how that works with Emaan biology being so weird, but whatever. Olson obviously isn’t happy about this because he’s singularly focused on repairing the world. However, if anything, Mimsy being pregnant seems to have made Kei more focused. The stakes have increased for him, so he can’t be the carefree playboy any longer. At the same time, seeing how Kei treats Mimsy backs up everything that Tina always said about him. This causes Athena to soften her attitude toward Kei a bit and no longer view him as just an absent father. She also tries to declare her feelings for Olson, but he preemptively cuts her off. Separately, we also see that the Chiram are being sneaky and continuing to make use of the Emaan for their ultimate plan, whatever that is.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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