Orguss Ep. 32: Lost World


Leeg reports to Shaya that work is almost done on the space-time transformation device. Mome rushes in with news that the Great Singularity is going to break apart. They watch a video from space showing that a large hunk of a space island is going to hit the Great Singularity. As the Chiram officers blame each other, White stops the argument and says they have to move on. He orders the fleet to be launched and decides they’ll complete the space-time device on the way because the planet can’t be repaired if the Great Singularity vanishes. The Chiram and Emaan fleet take off and head for the space elevator. Kei is unsure of how they can accomplish their task or how many people will die for it. Olson asks Kei if he’s afraid of dying, and he answers that he never gives it a second thought. Olson asks Kei if he doesn’t plan on saving the planet, but Kei says nothing and walks away. Shaya tells Olson that Kei needs time because of all the changes he’s going through. Mimsy finds Kei in the hangar, and he asks if she can feel the baby moving yet. Kei says she must think he’s a coward, because unlike Olson he only cares about saving himself. Mimsy tells Kei that he’s different because if there was a problem, he’d just go at it. He says he has to think about things now before acting, and she tells him he’s talking like an old man. Mome argues with Maaie and Lieea about Kei’s situation and the weight on his shoulders. Mome wonders if Kei is afraid of reaching the elevator, but just then Mu ships appear and begin attacking. Mu robots perform suicide attacks by crashing into ships and target the Glomar. Olson asks Captain to find some land for them to escape to, but Captain wants to fight. Against Mimsy’s wishes, Kei launches in Orguss and starts engaging the Mu robots. Olson doesn’t understand how Kei can be so reckless now if he’s afraid of dying. Kei tells Olson to take the ship to safety while he leads the Mu away. The Mu follow Kei, allowing the Glomar to land in the jungle. The Mu pull back, and Kei rejoins the Glomar as it flies through the jungle. Jabby becomes excited when he sees his hometown up ahead. Jabby flies out of the ship on a hovercraft and is shocked to find nothing but old skeletons.

Later, Mimsy returns to the ship on a hover bike and reports to Shaya that she hasn’t found anything. The M-Lovers and Orguss return with a similar lack of results. Shaya begins to cry and is sad this happened just when Jabby found his hometown. Maaie and Lieea note burn marks everywhere from high heat, and Olson explains that it’s global warming. He says he’s seen it before, when high temperature clouds cover an area and absorb solar energy from the Great Singularity, acting as a mirror that burns everything on the ground. Olson tells Kei that if they keep wasting time, the entire planet will burn like this. Jabby sits by himself and recalls how his hometown was so full of life. The crew hold a memorial, and Kei finds Jabby, who wants to stay behind. Kei tells Jabby there’s no point in staying in a dead city, but Jabby wants to be with his people. Kei wants Jabby to come and says he needs his help to save the planet. He doesn’t want to see other places suffer the same fate, so Jabby changes his mind. When they return to the ship, Mimsy tells Kei she doesn’t know what he’s thinking lately with his contradictory actions. She asks what’s wrong, and he apologizes for worrying her. He admits to being afraid of dying and leaving her and the baby alone, but he knows he has to save the world for their child to live in it. Mu ships appear overhead and deploy battle robots, forcing everyone to run back to the ship. Kei, Olson, Maaie and Lieea take off to fight the Mu, while Captain handles the ship’s guns. Shaya wonders why Kei is so serious now, and Mimsy explains that he’s cleared his mind of all doubts. Kei shoots down multiple Mu robots and is annoyed by how many there are. However, Manisha’s ships arrive as reinforcement and force the Mu to retreat. As the forest burns around them, Jabby notes that his world is burning. Mome starts crying, but he tells her not to cry about the past. He says that just as Captain discarded the Mu, he’s going to do the same and declares that the Glomar is their home. Shaya notes that everyone on the Glomar comes from different backgrounds and get along despite the chaos in the world. She then tells Kei and Olson that the entire world is being entrusted to them.


Kei’s determination starts to waver once again, but this time for different reasons. Before, he was just irresponsible and indecisive. While he knows what he has to do, now he’s worried about leaving Mimsy and their unborn child behind. It takes the shock of global warming (very different from warming in the real world) to see the severity of the situation. It’s a shame to see Jabby’s joy at finding his hometown so quickly replaced with sorrow. This whole time, he’s been searching for the girlfriend he cheated on to make things right with her. But he’ll never get that chance because his people are all gone. Knowing that this is the fate awaiting the rest of the world, Kei is finally 100 percent dedicated to repairing space-time. We’re in the home stretch now, so it’ll come down to how the Mu will interfere and what betrayal the Chiram are planning.

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Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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