Orguss Ep. 33: Last Charge


Kei thinks to himself that he has to be responsible for Mimsy, their unborn child and Athena. Olson asks Kei how his mood is, and Kei responds that he feels great. Discussing the situation with other crew members, Jabby says that they need to have hope in Kei and Olson. Captain agrees and adds that it’s their job to protect Kei and Olson from the Mu. Manisha calls Shaya and warns her again not to trust the Chiram, but Shaya isn’t worried. She says that the Chiram may only want to preserve their world, but if the Earth is destroyed before that happens, they can’t accomplish anything. Manisha notes that Shaya is never suspicious of anyone, and Shaya counters that she’ll trust Kei and Olson. Wesley reports to White that they’re about to perform final checks on the space-time transformation device. Athena is called before a panel of officers including Wesley, and they officially assign her to protect the singularities and stop Henry from killing them. Athena heads to the Glomar in her Nikick and is escorted around by Maaie and Lieea. Kei tries to get Mimsy to rest, which angers Athena and makes her run off. He says that he wants to tell her something, but she only wants to know where Olson is. Kei tells Athena that he’s worried about her future, but she tells him he’s worrying about the wrong person. Athena walks into Olson’s dark room, and he tells her that Kei worries about her. He adds that Kei isn’t God, but he’s being forced to think about what only God can and is even ready to sacrifice his life. Leeg notices a circuit in the space-time device that’s different from the blueprints, and a Chiram soldier considers pulling a gun. An older man lies to Leeg and explains that it’s due to shock testing and that the mistake is in the blueprints. Leeg understands, and the old man asks him to take a rest. In another room, Emaan engineers report to Leeg that there’s a second circuit not in the blueprints, and that a Chiram soldier was working on the device alone at night. Leeg tells the men to keep this to themselves because he’ll handle it. Shaya notifies the crew that several machines are heading their way, so Athena wonders if it’s Henry. Henry’s Ishkick Command leads a squad of rogue Ishkicks.

Athena tells Shaya that Henry is coming to the Glomar to kill the singularities, so she intends to handle it herself. Wesley calls Shaya and asks her to let the Chiram deal with their own problems. Athena launches and fires missiles, which destroy several Ishkicks. Henry gives chase and yells at Athena for hindering his mission. She opens fire and destroys two Ishkicks, but Henry dodges and orders his men to regroup. Kei wonders where the Chiram reinforcements are, and Olson notes that Henry will get what he wants no matter what it takes. Kei isn’t happy, and Olson tells him he’s always rushing into things without thinking ahead. Shaya agrees with Olson, which upsets Kei. Henry’s forces turn and continue to chase Athena. Leeg brings out several bottles of champagne to celebrate with the Chiram engineers. As everyone drinks, an Emaan engineer photographs the circuit panels. Kei is worried about Athena, but Olson stops him from going out and notes that Wesley has sent reinforcements. Henry damages one of the Nikick’s wings, and Athena vows to fight Henry alone if need be. She flies into a canyon and spots reinforcements ahead. The reinforcements open fire and destroy Henry and his men. Kei tells Mome that Athena is landing and might be injured. Mome appears unsteady for a moment and tells Kei that she’s fine. Wesley is informed that Henry and his men are dead, and he asks about Athena. A soldier tells him she was injured and is on the Glomar. Kei and Olson visit Athena in the infirmary, and Mome reports that only her arm was injured. Mome falls to the floor and runs away. She checks herself and realizes that she’s running out of energy. Kei offers to get Athena food, but she refuses and tells him he’s annoying. The old Chiram engineer reports to Wesley that the Emaan don’t suspect anything. Leeg returns to the Glomar and determines from the photos that the device has been tampered with. He tells his men not to say anything because he plans to secretly fix the device before they reach the elevator. Kei tells Athena he might not return and doesn’t want to have any regrets regarding her. He says he was careless before, but wants to be more responsible now. She says she won’t forgive him, which he knows. Leeg tells Kei and Olson that the Chiram altered the space-time transformation device to control their minds. He tells them they have to pretend to not know anything. Athena cries as she eats the apple that Kei sliced for her.


There are a few developments of note in this episode as we head into the conclusion. First, Leeg notices that the Chiram have altered the space-time transformation device to control the minds of Kei and Olson, which confirms Manisha’s suspicions about their trustworthiness. Which is kind of funny given that she wanted to control Kei’s mind and force him to repair the planet. Henry was an annoyance that needed to be taken care of, so I’m glad he’s finally gone. However, I don’t quite get the continued anger Athena feels over Kei, especially after the previous episode hinted that she was starting to soften up on him. It just seems like more of the repetitious holding patterns this series performs so often with the characters. Finally, we see that Mome isn’t doing too well because she’s running out of energy. I wonder if Mu robots use a special energy source that the Chiram and Emaan don’t have. If that’s the case, she doesn’t have much time left.

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Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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