Orguss Ep. 34: Battlefield


On the deck of the Glomar, Olson asks Kei what kind of world he wants to create, but Kei doesn’t know. Olson comments that God must be cruel to give them this responsibility, and Kei apologizes for involving him in this mess. However, Olson counters that if he hadn’t become a singularity like Kei, he would’ve been killed by the explosion of the space-time oscillation bomb. Athena wakes up in the infirmary and finds that her arm still hurts. She reaches out for her Chiram uniform, but she instead puts on an Emaan jumpsuit and leaves. Kei and Olson pass by her in the corridor, and Olson notes she’s expressing her feelings the only way she knows how. Shaya addresses the fleet and tells them that they cannot fail in this upcoming battle. She tells everyone to cherish their lives and not be wasteful because there’s no point in saving the world if there’s no one left to live in it. Kei prepares to launch in Orguss and asks Olson about the modified transformation device, but Olson tells him to let Leeg handle it. Elsewhere, Leeg sneaks into the room where the device is and starts modifying it. The fleet opens fire on the Mu, and the Glomar launches all of its mecha. Kei comes under fire from Mu missiles and dodges them all before transforming into tank mode and running over the Mu robots. However, a vast field of Mu confront Kei, so he returns to the air to dodge them. Jabby pilots a Drifand Dal and uses its cannons to destroy several Mu. Maaie and Lieea unleash a volley of missiles from their M-Lovers onto the Mu. On the Glomar, Paptee mans the cannons while also caring for her babies. Kei fires missiles and tries to push forward, but the Mu are blocking his path. Mimsy decides that she can’t coordinate the battle from the ship and takes off in a Deemora. She issues orders to Jabby and Mome while looking for Kei. However, she starts to feel sick and crashes into a forest.

White is informed that a spaceship was destroyed and that its fragments will collide with the space island before it hits the Great Singularity, which might affect their start time. The officer apologizes for not detecting the debris sooner and promises to keep analyzing the situation. Mome’s Drifand Dee is hit by Mu missiles and crashes into the forest, causing her to fall out of the cockpit and hit the ground. She walks through the forest and spots Mimsy’s crashed Deemora. Mome lifts Mimsy out of the cockpit and drags her away to conduct a medical scan, which reveals a high temperature. Mome calls Shaya for help, but she doesn’t have any reinforcements to send. Kei decides to go help Mimsy over Olson’s objections. Athena spots Mome and Mimsy from above starts to land her Nikick, but she flies away when she starts to think of Mimsy and Kei together. She wonders what she’s doing and turns around, but she comes under fire from the Mu as soon as she lands. Athena takes off and attacks the Mu while Mome drags Mimsy to safety. Mome examines one of the beam cannons on the Deemora and sees it doesn’t have enough energy. She detaches the cannon and connects it to her chest so that she can fire on the attacking Mu. She vows to not let the Mu get near Mimsy as long as she functions. Olson tells Kei there’s no point in saving Mimsy if the world is destroyed, but Kei counters that he doesn’t want to save the world if she isn’t in it. Kei lands Orguss next to Mimsy, and Athena reports that she’s got a high fever and is unconscious. Kei asks where Mome is and finds her on the ground. Mome wakes up and tells Kei that she used all her energy to protect Mimsy. Kei says that he’ll just recharge her battery, but she tells him that it can’t be charged. Athena explains that Mome used her battery to power the beam cannon and fight the Mu. Kei asks her why she did this, and she answers that she only had a few months of charge left and knew he’d be unhappy if something happened to Mimsy. Kei starts to cry, and Mome tells him it’s not like him to do that. He says that he’d be sad to live without her, and with her dying words, she tells him his words make her happy. Kei picks up Mimsy and tells Olson they should get going. Kei takes off and picks up Mome’s body with one of Orguss’ hands. Chiram and Emaan ships are destroyed from heavy fire by the Mu. The Glomar is heavily damaged, but the crew manage to escape before it explodes. Emaan soldiers land on the space elevator, but they’re immediately killed by the Mu. Elsewhere, Leeg finishes his alterations to the space-time transformation device. Kei, Olson and Athena approach the elevator as Mimsy wakes up.


The penultimate episode brings some sorrow and sacrifice, which is par for the course in a mecha series. Mimsy makes the impulsive decision to lead from the front, which is fine and all if you aren’t pregnant and prone to bouts of illness. She manages to give two sets of orders before crashing into the forest, putting herself and her unborn child at risk. However, Mome comes to her rescue and heroically sacrifices her energy to fend off the Mu. We also see Athena exhibit some nasty jealousy when she momentarily abandons Mome and Mimsy before returning. Kei argues with Olson again about their responsibility, but there’s nothing for him to do this time because the fighting ends by the time he lands. Although Kei never had the same feelings for Mome that she had for him, his sorrow at her death is real. On another front, the Glomar goes down after being the center of the action for 34 episodes. Leeg also manages to undo the Chiram modifications to the space-time transformation device, so all the pieces are in place for the final showdown with the Mu and the restoration of Earth.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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