Orguss Ep. 4: Caravan


The Glomar flies over a forest as work continues on upgrading Kei’s Bronco II. Engineer Leeg gives out orders to the mechanics and comments that he doesn’t want to work on such a piece of junk. Mome, the robot girl, comments that these sort of repairs are very easy for the Emaan. Mome wants to learn how to repair the craft to be of better service to her master, but Kei doesn’t want to be called Master. Jabby tells him that there’s no point in arguing because Mome will call whoever bought her “Master.” Mimsy asks Shaya if they’re going to a village to have a market, to which Shaya answers that they are. Mimsy thinks they should hurry home since they have the singularity, but Shaya notes that they had an agreement to conduct a market before meeting Kei. Shaya asks what would happen if the Emaan break an agreement, but Mimsy thinks they’re just inviting a Chiram attack. Shaya leaves the bridge to change her clothes, and Kei is shocked when he walks in on her half-naked. Slay casually walks in to change clothes, and Kei is surprised by how comfortable the Emaan are with things. When the market is set up, old man Goovu tells a crowd of children that Jabby is a dragon, so Jabby roars and breathes fire. Jabby gives candy to the kids, and Goovu encourages them to have their parents come to the market. Kei and Mome walk around as Shaya supervises the market’s setup. Kei and Mome are forced to jump out of the way when Mimsy haphazardly drives by in a hovercraft. Kei doesn’t like how Mome calls him Master, so she suggests Mister, but he doesn’t like that either. He wants her to just call him Kei, but she thinks that isn’t respectful. Kei spots Goovu dealing with a man and offering him a trinket called the Tear of the Moon God. The man is skeptical about a low price for such a valuable item, but Goovu claims it’ll go up when the market opens, so the man changes his mind. Mome comments that junk like that is valuable, even though she sees them on the ground everywhere. Elsewhere, Henry brings Roberto coffee and gets a call that the Emaan are holding a market. Henry wonders if they should attack, but Roberto doesn’t want any trouble in Atlanta. Roberto isn’t worried if they get the singularity first, because he can get the singularity with a bit of force. Henry asks if they’re going to attack their own allies, and Roberto answers that dead men tell no tales.

Kei isn’t impressed by the city, and Mome explains that it had advanced technology 3,000 years ago. Kei is surprised when he sees a Jeep and jumps in front of the road to stop the driver. Kei grabs the driver and asks where he got the Jeep, and the driver explains that he bought it from the Emaan. Kei then asks for a lift as two Chiram soldiers watch from nearby. Kei asks where they can get gas, and the driver explains that the Emaan put in a new engine that doesn’t run on gas. With the market in full swing, Mimsy haggles with customers about prices. Kei tells Mimsy that he needs to speak to her, so she leaves Paptee in charge. Kei shows her the Jeep and explains that it came from his world, but she doesn’t see the significance. Kei says he thought he came to another world, but the Jeep came from his. He asks if this is Earth, but Mimsy explains that everyone comes from a different dimension and has different names for the planet. She says the different Earths are mixed together, like the area of Atlanta or Jabby’s world where dinosaurs evolved instead of humans. Kei doesn’t understand and asks Mimsy to buy the Jeep, but she refuses and says Kei owes them. A Chiram soldier punches Kei and pushes Mome aside. The two soldiers think he’s a Chiram deserter, but he says he’d never be part of such a despicable military. When their sensors go off, they realize that Kei is the singularity. Kei jumps up and attacks both soldiers, disarming them and sending them running. The soldiers run out of the city and launch in their Ishkicks. The Ishkicks fly over the market and surround Kei, so he tries to run away. He jumps onto a cargo container, and Mome rescues him with a scooter. He tells her to head for the Glomar so he can get the Bronco II. He’s surprised when he sees the remodeled Bronco II completed and ready to launch. Leeg tells Kei that he can’t launch because the actuators aren’t hooked up and there’s no ammo, but Kei goes anyway. The Ishkicks give chase, and Kei is shocked when he fires and nothing happens. Leeg calls Kei and tells him that his only chance is in Mome, who is hanging on outside and conducting repairs. Kei tries to dodge the Ishkicks with his limited mobility until Mome completes repairs. He then punches an Ishkick and destroys its cockpit, causing it to explode. The other Ishkick attacks, but Kei smashes its cockpit as well. Kei lands and thanks Mome for her help, but the citizens tell Kei he’s done a terrible thing and look at him angrily.


There are a few developments in this episode, including the debut of the title mecha (although it goes unnamed for now). Even though the Chiram are in pursuit, Shaya decides to stop for a previously contracted market since contracts are so important to the Emaan. The market gives us a chance to see some more of the Glomar‘s crew, including Leeg, Goovu and Paptee. For whatever reason, Mimsy has a bad attitude the entire episode and just comes across as childish and annoying. She also runs through an explanation of the different dimensions again for Kei, because it seems like he didn’t understand anything from the first three episodes. I do have to laugh at his gall in manhandling a Jeep driver and then asking for a ride. Mimsy dismisses Mome as a useless piece of junk, but Mome proves her worth by repairing the Orguss mid-battle and allowing Kei to fight properly. However, it looks like the situation isn’t going well since Kei receives a frosty reception upon landing.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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