Orguss Ep. 5: Lovers


The residents of Atlanta criticize Kei for picking a fight with the Chiram, but he counters that he did this all for them. Kei asks Mimsy to back him up, but she tells him to shut up as she and Shaya apologize to the crowd. The villagers say that an apology isn’t good enough, so Shaya offers to give them all the trade goods for free to give to the Chiram as an apology. The villagers accept, but they want the Glomar to leave town. Kei asks why they should apologize, and while Mimsy blames Kei, Shaya explains that the villagers can’t survive if they don’t have a good relationship with the Chiram. Kei reiterates that he did this for the villagers, but Shaya asks him to think about what fighting the Chiram within the village means. After the goods are offloaded, the Glomar takes off and flies away. Kei is sullen at the dinner table, so Mimsy asks Paptee about the modifications to the Bronco II. She thinks it should have a new name since its appearance has changed so much, which Shaya agrees with. Outside, a young boy named Badei and an old man from Atlanta jump onto the Glomar‘s hanging staircase and board the ship. Kei suggests the name Nebula, while Maaie and Lieea recommend their birthplace and Goovu drunkenly offers a name. Jabby doesn’t care for any of the suggestions and offers Orguss, which is the name for his people’s god of war. Badei and old man climb onto Orguss and attempt to steal it. Everyone continues to argue about the name, so Shaya officially decides on Orguss just as the mecha is stolen and flown away in the night. Badei struggles with the controls as he flies over the forest. Shaya and the others head down to the hangar for a naming ceremony and are shocked to find Orguss gone. Kei, Mimsy and Maaie take off in scooters to search the area for Orguss. Orguss crashes into the forest, and the old man yells at Badei for nearly killing him. Badei explains that the control system was more difficult than he expected; plus they need to refuel it. They tie ropes to Orguss to tow it, but it’s too heavy. A bright light shines on them as someone approaches.

Kei thanks them for finding it and jokingly asks where the thieves are. Kei prepares to punch Badei, who blames Kei for what he did in Atlanta. The old man explains that the Chiram have a camp full of hostages, which is why the villagers did nothing to help Kei earlier. The old man says he’s tired of that situation, so they stole Orguss to attack the camp. Kei yells at them for stealing Orguss, and the old man begs Kei to help them. The old man shows Kei a picture of his cute teenage granddaughter Elaine, and Kei changes his mind when he’s told all the hostages are teenage girls. Kei and Badei take off to attack the camp, which is based next to some ruins. A Chiram soldier tastes some bread that Elaine and the other girls baked and tosses it all to the ground, saying it’s terrible and needs to be re-baked. Kei and Badei travel through the ruins as the Glomar approaches from the outside. Orguss squeezes through narrow tunnels and finally emerges next to the camp. Badei wants to fight, but Kei tells him that he’ll just get in the way. Kei transforms from GERWALK to Orgroid mode and opens fire on the ground troops, but he quickly comes under attack from an Ishkick squad. Kei turns his attention to the Ishkicks and wonders where the hostages are. The Chiram soldiers want to capture Kei since he’s the singularity, and he breaks open the roof of the building where the girls are held hostage. An Ishkick attack damages Orguss’ knee, and Kei also runs out of ammo. However, Maaie and Lieea arrive in their M-Lovers and attack the Ishkicks, the last of which is destroyed by the Glomar‘s guns. Kei asks Maaie and Lieea to pick up Badei and the old man. The Glomar lands near Atlanta to drop the girls off, and Kei is disappointed to discover that Badei is Elaine’s boyfriend. Slay puts his arm around Mimsy’s shoulder and says he wants them to be like that, to which she gives an awkward reply. Badei and Elaine thank Kei for saving their village, and he tells them they have to deal with their own problems from now on. After the ship takes off, Kei tries to put his arm around Mimsy’s shoulder, but stops short.


This episode continues the previous cliffhanger and puts Kei in some hot water with the villagers and the rest of the crew. They do have a point, I think, because Kei just acted rashly without thinking of the consequences. Orguss finally gets its name in this episode, only to be stolen ineptly by Badei and the old man. We do learn that the villagers were hesitant to act because all their cute young girls are being held hostage by the Chiram… to bake bread. Being the pig that he is, Kei only agrees to help when he learns that the hostages are all hot teens. If it had been men and old women, would he have left them to their fate? Overall, this episode didn’t do much to advance the story, aside from naming the title mecha and showing that Mimsy is starting to have doubts about her relationship with wimpy Slay.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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