Orguss Ep. 7: I Love You


Slay pilots the Glomar as it flies over the ocean and comments that given the losses they suffered last time, the Chiram aren’t likely to attack again soon. Shaya comments that she’d be happy if they just reach the Strait of Gibraltar without any trouble. Mimsy stares out at the ocean in a daze, thinking only of Kei. Slay asks what’s wrong and says she should tell him if there’s a problem, but she answers that it’s nothing. Mome pushes a cart with Kei’s laundry and fantasizes about Kei being in love with her. Kei wakes up and asks Mome when they started flying over the ocean. He then grabs an apple to run outside and enjoy the breeze, ignoring Mome. Kei sits on the deck and recalls a boat ride he took with Tina. Goovu suggests to Shaya that they contact one of the nearby cargo ships and trade with them. Mome brings Kei his morning coffee and says she wants to drink it with him. Mome asks Kei what he thinks of her, and he thanks her for taking care of him. She asks if he likes her, and when he answers that he does, she misinterprets what he means. She isn’t paying attention as she fills his cup up and spills hot coffee all over his pants. Mome then unzips his pants to try to examine him for injuries, but he doesn’t want her to. Mome struggles with Kei to get his clothes off, but suddenly the ship changes course. Mimsy comes out onto the deck and misinterprets what she sees. She tells Kei that they’re going to make some trade deals and need his help. Later, Mimsy laughs when Kei tells her the story of what really happened. Mimsy asks Kei if he’s interested in Mome, and he answers that he’s not a lolicon, while also noting that jealousy doesn’t suit Mimsy. She asks him to repeat what he said, and he says that he likes her very much. Mimsy wants to transfer the cargo with Kei and Goovu, but Slay angrily says two people are enough. Mimsy tries to write off what Kei said as a joke, but Slay doesn’t believe her. Elsewhere, Roberto and Henry join a Chiram naval blockade of the Strait of Gibraltar. With trading complete, the Glomar takes off and heads deeper into the Strait.

Chiram sensors detect the singularity, and fleet captain Wolner puts his Sheekick squads under Roberto’s command. The Sheekicks launch and travel together at high speed underwater. Mome runs into the bathroom while Kei is taking a shower to ask about his burn. She comments that he must’ve said weird things to Mimsy, so after showering he and Mome eavesdrop on an argument between Mimsy and Slay. Slay notes that Mimsy hasn’t been the same since Kei’s arrival, so she bluntly tells him that Kei has things that he doesn’t. She adds that if Kei hadn’t said it first, she might’ve told him that she liked him. She then takes that back and says she blurted it out only because Slay is being so insistent. Slay says he doesn’t want to fight, but she tells him she made it very clear. Shaya calls Slay and asks him to come to the bridge because something weird is approaching them. Kei takes off in Orguss to investigate and flies in the direction of the bogey. Mimsy recalls seeing Kei in the hallway and realizes he heard everything, so maybe she should tell him how she feels. The Sheekicks emerge from the water and open fire on Kei, knocking him into the ocean. Kei jumps into the air and destroys multiple enemies. Roberto tasks Henry with capturing Kei while he attacks the Glomar. Shaya orders Slay and Mimsy to provide cover for Kei, but Slay blames their current situation on Kei. Lieea and Mimsy man the ship’s defenses and take down multiple enemies. Kei picks up a Chiram aircraft carrier on his sensors, which opens fire on the Glomar. Shaya decides to retreat to Portugal and asks Kei to return to the ship. Roberto orders Henry to keep pursuing, and Kei tells Shaya to find a place to land the ship. Shaya hits the wall of a narrow canyon, and several Sheekicks are destroyed when they have trouble flying through the area. Kei fires the ship’s weapons at the incoming Sheekicks and destroys most of them. Kei thanks Goovu for loading the cannons earlier and shakes his hand, which makes Goovu embarrassed. Roberto asks Wolner for reinforcements, but his request is denied. Wolner states that they’ll regroup and attack the Emaan at another location. Mimsy thanks Kei for driving off the Chiram, and when he says it was teamwork, Slay snipes at him. Later, Mome brings wine for Kei and Goovu.


The Glomar makes some progress on its journey to the Emaan homeland before suffering a major setback. I don’t know how analogous the Atlanta of this mashed up world is to the real world, but they’d definitely traveled some distance to have now reached Spain. This episode starts to develop a love rectangle between Kei, Mimsy, Slay and Mome. An amusing misunderstanding with Mome kicks off a series of events that bring Mimsy’s feelings for Kei out into the open, as well as Slay’s bare jealousy. I can see why Mimsy would be more attracted to Kei than Slay, but at the same time, she’s pretty cold to Slay. If she doesn’t want to be involved with him, she should’ve just gone that far and said so rather than leaving things as they are. Interestingly, we also see Kei start to bond with Goovu, who so far has just been a generic grumpy old man. We also get to see a new Chiram mecha design, but unfortunately it’s not enough to prevent Roberto and Henry from going deeper down the well of being loser villains. I also have to wonder at the skill of the average Chiram pilot, since they seem to always keep crashing into each other. If a big ship like the Glomar could maneuver through a narrow canyon, I don’t see why much smaller units like the Sheekick can’t.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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