Orguss Ep. 9: Revolution


Shaya asks Slay to deploy M-Lovers and survey an area that seems to have recently appeared. Slay asks if it’s a good idea to stop here, but Shaya notes that they’re low on supplies and might find something they can salvage. Mimsy reports that the Chiram haven’t followed them, but Leeg notes that it’s because the Chiram have chased them to an area that only has one escape route and they’ll be lying in wait there. Leeg blames Kei for all their troubles and asks why they can’t just leave him behind. Mimsy says that they have an agreement with Kei and can’t do that, but Slay counters that agreements can be changed when necessary. Kei uses Orguss to help collect scrap, and Mome explains that she feels nostalgic because the technology is all Mu. She spots something in the distance and asks Kei to pick it up. Elsewhere, Queen Marie Antoinette of Fansui is informed that the Glomar wants to trade, but she gives permission only if they have weapons. Her assistant Marje tells her that the people are still requesting bread, but she answers that if they don’t have bread, they can eat cake. In the Glomar‘s lounge, Mome keeps Jabby’s hands off a plate of food she’s set aside for Kei. Slay informs Shaya about Fansui’s conditions, so Shaya asks Mimsy to check the city out. Kei asks if he can come along, so Shaya assigns him as Mimsy’s bodyguard. Kei and Mimsy take off in scooters and fly down to Fansui, where they find cruel soldiers abusing the starving populace. Kei wants to interfere, but Mimsy stops him. Mimsy comments that things have changed from the last time, and Kei notices that there aren’t any men around. Mimsy explains that it’s a matriarchal society, and Kei knocks Mimsy aside when a car nearly runs them over. Mimsy is grabbed in an alley and held at knife point while two women pull guns on Kei. The woman, Jeanne D’arc, releases Mimsy and asks Kei to listen to her. Mimsy agrees to go with Jeanne because there might be business in it. Mimsy listens to the story and agrees to take Jeanne to Shaya. Jeanne explains the situation, and Shaya answers that she admires their cause, but they don’t have any weapons to provide. Jeanne then asks for help with stopping the Demolisher Cannon that the kingdom rented from the Emaan and is using to enforce its reign of terror. Shaya declares that to be a breach of contract and wonders how they can get the cannon back. Kei suggests stealing the cannon since they need weapons to defend themselves. Shaya notes that the palace’s security system is Emaan-made, and Jeanne offers to share any intelligence she has. Kei mentions that he hasn’t felt this excited since sneaking into Tina’s room, which angers Mimsy. Kei asks Leeg for a bazooka, but he doesn’t know what that is, so Kei shows him specs.

Kei and the others go down to the city at night with Jeanne to scout the palace. They approach the palace on scooters and fly by most of the watchtowers until a soldier spots Mome and opens fire. Mome is thrown from her scooter, but Jeanne stops Kei from helping her because they have to proceed with the plan. Mome eventually catches up with them as Leeg picks a warehouse lock. Jabby knocks out two approaching guards with his tail, and Kei attacks two guards after Leeg picks the lock. The crew begin installing inertia system units to the Demolisher Cannon to transport it. Kei then uses the bazooka Leeg made for him to blast the warehouse’s wall open. Guards open fire from their watchtower, so Kei destroys them with the bazooka. Leeg drops several grenades on the guards firing from the ground. Marie is woken by Marje, who reports that the Demolisher Cannon has been stolen and that the citizens are rioting. Marie deploys multiple tanks, which open fire on the rebels. However, Kei arrives in Orguss and starts destroying the tanks. Marie can’t believe what’s happening until she remembers the Emaan and asks Marje to call Shaya. Marie accuses Shaya of stealing the cannon from her, but Shaya calmly explains that they just took it back since the agreement was violated. Marie demands that Shaya pull back Orguss and threatens to never do business again with the Emaan, but Shaya counters that they’re only interested in having a relationship with the new government. Marie vows that Shaya will regret this, and Mimsy reports that Leeg is repairing the cannon. Marie deploys several Chiram missile launchers and opens fire on both the rebels and Orguss. Kei dodges most of the missiles, but he crashes into a building while trying to evade the last one. The Glomar approaches the palace and comes under fire from the Chiram missiles, but Shaya fires the cannon and destroys the palace, killing Marie. Jeanne thanks Shaya for her help and vows that Fansui will support the Emaan from now on. Kei curiously notes Jeanne and Marie’s names and says that such a revolution has happened before. Kei mentions that Jeanne wanted to thank him personally and takes a kiss as thanks. Shaya is happy to have a weapon to defend themselves, but Mome notes that they have two and introduces Captain, the Mu battle robot she repaired. Mimsy wonders if he’ll be of any use, but Mome insists that he will. Shaya starts undressing, which excites Kei.


For the first time since the beginning of the series, the crew of the Glomar are fighting an enemy other than the Chiram. Marie is a generically evil monarch who cruelly rules over her people with an iron fist and cares nothing for their plight. It’s clear she expects absolute obedience from everyone, so it was great to see Shaya be so dismissive of her and be filing her nails when they spoke. In addition to the historical names, Fansui is an odd mix of a medieval setting with modern technology. I wonder if the world they came from was always like that, or if this was a result of living on the fractured Earth, particularly since Marie was using Chiram and Emaan weaponry. There’s still some tension on the ship over Kei’s presence, but I think in this episode he’s proving his usefulness. He also continues to incite Mimsy’s jealousy, especially when he slips and mentions Tina. Aside from the addition of the Demolisher Cannon, the crew gets a new add-on in the form of Captain, a Mu battle robot reprogrammed by Mome. Of course, since Mome repaired him, his usefulness is immediately called into question by Mimsy since she doesn’t like Mome. That’s not going to end anytime soon.

Overall Rating
Orguss Info

Noboru Ishiguro

Ken’ichi Matsuzaki
Hiroshi Ohnogi

Mechanical Designer:
Kazutaka Miyatake

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikomoto

Musical Composer:
Kentaroh Haneda

35 episodes

Japan 07.03.1983 – 04.08.1984
U.S. 06.11.2007 – 09.21.2007


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