ovm-gd Glud


Model number: ovm-gd
Code name: Glud
Unit type: heavy commander type mobile suit
Manufacturer: Vagan
Operator: Vagan
First deployment: unknown
Accommodation: pilot only, in panoramic monitor cockpit in head
Dimensions: overall height 19.8 meters
Weight: empty 89.0 metric tons
Armor materials: unknown
Powerplant: unknown
Propulsion: unknown
Equipment and design features: 2 x beam vulcan gun/saber, mounted in palms; beam buster, mounted in torso; Glud cannon, mounted as tail connected to main body; 2 x missile launcher, mounted on shoulders
Optional hand armaments: Khronos gun; Jilsbain gun

The ovm-gd Glud was an anti-stronghold heavy mobile suit, and like the ovv-af Danazine and ovm-lce Reganner, was developed for the invasion of Earth. It was also meant to be a commander type Earth-use suit, and to maintain the soldiers’ morale, it retained the humanoid shape and was one of the few Vagan ground combat units to do so. The Vagan final battle plan consisted of two phases: securing a path to Earth and invading the planet. The original plan was to deploy Glud in the second phase, but as the plan never got out of phase one, the landing forces were ordered to deploy near the end of the battle. Due to its humanoid shape, it could use handheld weapons from other Vagan units without any modification. The Glud’s missile launchers were loaded with special homing missiles. Unlike normal missiles, these missiles did not have a solid warhead but instead a beam bit warhead that was derived from X-Rounder bit technology. The missiles’ homing capabilities still reloed on traditional technologies. As it was a heavy mobile suit, all its thrusters and boosters had greatly improved power.

First appearance: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE -Unknown Soldiers-
Original mechanical designer: Junya Ishigaki


Rear view


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