Patlabor: The New Files Ep. 3: The Greatest Showdown in History


Police divert traffic at Kasai as Division 2 heads to the scene. Noa spots the Griffon approaching them on the highway, and Kumagami tells Goto they’ll be in trouble if the Griffon reaches Maihama because Tokyo Disneyland is open all night. Kumagami recommends trying to keep combat limited to the bridge, and Goto tells her to try. Momoko is stuck in traffic and wants to get her interview, so she abandons the car and runs to the scene on foot, leaving her cameraman to wonder what she’d do alone. Kanuka rides a taxi to the SV2 hangar to get around traffic. Unit 1‘s carrier drives right by the Griffon on Goto’s hunch that the pilot won’t touch an inactive Ingram. Ota deploys in Unit 2 with the riot gun, and Kumagami tells him not to fire without her orders. Shinshi wonders if that’s a good idea, but Kumagami says she’ll keep him on a tight leash. An exhausted Momoko finally reaches the scene and tries to interview Goto, but he asks her to hold off on broadcasting anything. Noa and Ota surround Bud from the front and rear, and Kumagami tells Ota not to fire yet. Asuma tells Noa to draw her gun, and when she hesitates he says the Griffon is a monster and they don’t have time for second thoughts. Utsumi watches with binoculars and comments on the tense scene. Bud turns around and charges at Ota, who opens fire and misses. Bud then jumps into the water while Ota wastes more ammunition firing into the road. Bud reaches up and pulls Ota down into the water. Noa runs down to the water level, but Unit 2 is completely submerged. Ota escapes and surfaces, but Bud leaves the scene underwater. With an hour left until midnight, Shige gives Sakaki the news that Unit 2 has been taken down. Sakaki comments that it’s just like what happened last time at the Castle Gate. He says it’s a shame they didn’t get the spare parts for the backup labor, but Kanuka arrives and says he does have them. Sakaki orders his mechanics to strip parts from the spare Peacemaker and transfer them to Unit 3.

Police helicopters search the bay for the Griffon and find nothing. Shinshi comments that they’ll probably have to wait until salvaging Unit 2, and Hiromi brings freezing Ota a change of clothes. Momoko asks Goto if he stopped her report to hide the truth, and he answers it’d be pretty hard to hide a big hole in the bridge. Kumagami apologizes to Goto and says it was all her fault, but he tells her that doling out responsibility now doesn’t help anything. He notes that she doesn’t have a labor to issue commands to and can act independently, so he passes along the information from Matsui that Schaft’s clients should all be somewhere nearby to watch the fights. Kurosaki reports to Utsumi that the Griffon hasn’t sustained any damage, so they can move to the next level. Utsumi calls Bud on the tanker and tells him to take care of Noa so they can create a path to the new year. Asuma asks Goto if he thinks the Griffon will come back tonight, and Goto thinks it will. Asuma tells Noa to get on the carrier and charge Unit 1’s batteries while they wait, but Hiromi then reports that the Griffon has been spotted heading in their direction. Asuma tells Noa to get on the deck anyway for a quick charge while they move to the scene. Kumagami and Momoko drive off on their own because Kumagami wants Momoko’s help. The police helicopter loses sight of the Griffon as Division 2 pulls up on the bank by the bay. Noa picks up the Griffon’s thermal signature and deploys from the carrier. She opens fire on the Griffon, but Asuma sees it’s just a decoy. The Griffon surfaces next to Noa and knocks her down before walking to the road. Bud puts his back to the building to stop Noa from shooting, so Noa charges at Bud. Kumagami tells Momoko that the labor specialists are in the nearby hotel watching the fight. Noa sticks her gun in the Griffon’s face, but Bud knocks the gun away and breaks free. Sakaki calls Goto to let him know that the cavalry is on the way. Momoko’s cameraman uses his camera to zoom in on the men watching the battle and spots Utsumi. Asuma tells Noa that she has to finish things soon because her batteries won’t hold out. The Griffon backs up and crouches to make an engine-boosted charge toward Noa, which knocks Unit 1 into the air and crashing on its carrier. Bud moves in to decapitate Unit 1, and Asuma shouts at Noa to dodge.


Division 2 has its rematch against the Griffon, but things don’t go so well. Trigger happy as usual, Ota not only manages to not hit anything, he also blasts holes in a bridge that lead to him getting pulled underwater. Thankfully, Kanuka shows up to use Unit 3, which was last seen in action as a backup to help fight the Phantom. With Unit 2 down, Goto sends Kumagami on her own to track down the labor specialists. As we can see, this is going to lead to a confrontation between her and Utsumi. Things are certainly tense as Bud uses his boosters to take Noa down and move in for the kill to get his trophy.

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Patlabor: The New Files Info

Naoyuki Yoshinaga

Kazunori Ito
Mamoru Oshii
Yutaka Izubuchi
Michiko Yokote
Hibari Arisu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yutaka Izubuchi
Yoshinori Sayama

Character Designer:
Akemi Takada

Musical Composer:
Kenji Kawai

16 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 11.22.1990 – 04.23.1992
U.S. 06.14.2005 – 10.11.2005


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