Patlabor Ep. 35: The Fall of Griffon!


Unit 1 grabs onto the Griffon and backflips it over its shoulder. Utsumi notices an odd sound coming from the Griffon, and Kurosaki decides to investigate. After Kurosaki makes a call, Utsumi concludes that the Griffon was damaged by 3S’ explosives. Bud punches Unit 1 and destroys its main monitor, sending Noa falling back. Ota and Hiromi fire the Ingram revolver at the Griffon and miss. The recoil sends them flying back, and the revolver hits Hiromi’s arm, injuring it. Asuma tells Noa not to let go of the Griffon and feels pain in his ribs. Noa and Bud start punching each other, and Bud stabs into Unit 1’s cockpit. Goto asks Sakaki how much power is left in Unit 1, and Sakaki tells him it’s no more than a few minutes. Kanuka orders Noa to shut down power to all unnecessary systems, and Bud whines about his Griffon being damaged. Division 1 deploys its Pythons on the scene, and Noa and Bud hit each other with a cross counter. Utsumi calls Bud and tells him it’s time to escape because the Griffon isn’t in such good condition. Bud cries that he doesn’t want to and keeps punching Noa. The TV news helicopter continues to record the slugfest. A Python tries to grab Bud, but he smashes it into a building. Utsumi tells Bud to be a good boy and leave, but Kurosaki thinks they should abandon Bud and the Griffon before the police arrest them. Noa vows not to let go, but Bud detaches the Griffon’s right arm. Bud deploys his wings to fly, and Noa tries to grab him and stop him. Unit 1 falls back as the Griffon takes off, and Utsumi notes that Bud doesn’t have enough speed and is going to crash into the bay. The Griffon then crashes into the water, and the heavily damaged Unit 1 collapses from a lack of power. Noa ejects the cockpit hatch, and Asuma runs over to find Noa crying about how the Griffon got away despite everything she did. Asuma tries to chance the subject by saying that the Ingram is a more solid machine than the Economy. Noa says she wanted to run away but instead stayed and fought, so Asuma tells her that she’ll always put up a good fight if she remembers how brave she was today. Noa says she doesn’t want a good fight, and Asuma realizes that she’s right. Ota is mad that Noa didn’t use the riotgun, and Goto tells him everyone has their own fighting style. A Python loads Unit 1 onto its carrier, and Sakaki tells Goto that it’ll also have to be sent back to the factory. Asuma tells Noa that she’s changed because he didn’t think she’d ever get this far, and she agrees.

A Schaft helicopter spots Bud’s emergency raft in the bay and picks him up. Utsumi calls the division manager, who demands to know where the Griffon is. Utsumi tells him that it’s at the bottom of Tokyo Bay and that he’ll be coming into the office today. As 3S completes its withdrawal, orders come in to leave Utsumi alone because he’s a valuable asset. Noa wakes up when Hiromi pulls the carrier into the station house and asks where Asuma is. Hiromi explains that Asuma forgot his medicine, so Sakaki went with him. Shige and the mechanics start examining Unit 1, and he tells Noa it’ll be easier to repair than Unit 2. Ota grumbles about Schaft and 3S, so Goto tells him to just say what he wants to say. Ota doesn’t like leaving the job undone, but Goto points out that they have no labors left. He says that Division 2 has been wiped out in just three days, so he has to think about how to rebuild. Shinshi offers to give Noa a ride to the dorm, but she decides to sleep in the duty room. Elsewhere, Tamiko calls family and friends to brag about Shinshi being on TV during the Griffon fight. Exhausted, Noa falls asleep before even laying the bed down on the floor. Utsumi and Bud disguise themselves as an Indian man and his young bride as they try to sneak out of Japan. Goto catches up with Kanuka at the airport as she waits for her flight. He tells her about Sakaki’s investigation into the Griffon parts, which lack any indication of a manufacturer. Goto asks about her investigation, and she says 3S is playing the victim since they lost labors. Goto tells her to take care as she leaves for her flight. Goto walks by the disguised Utsumi and Bud and asks them for a light for his cigarette. Utsumi pretends to speak bad Japanese and offers candy instead. Goto thinks he smells smoke on them, and they leave. Back at the station house, Noa happily polishes the fully repaired Unit 1.


The Griffon arc comes to an end (for now) with a finale that basically devolves into a schoolyard brawl. Noa, who is usually hyper-sensitive to any damage to her precious Alphonse, pushes it to the limit as it gets the tar beaten out of it by the Griffon. In the end, Bud is forced to escape and doesn’t get very far. Despite all the trouble that he’s caused, Utsumi manages to get out on top and survives to harass SV2 another day (namely, in the second OVA series). Kanuka’s brief stay comes to a close as she heads back to New York, and Goto has an interesting encounter with a certain Indian man and his blushing bride. While it’s been good to see SV2 get pushed to its limits in fighting the Griffon, it’s also good to be getting back to the normal run of things with their self-contained insanity.

Overall Rating

Patlabor Info

Naoyuki Yoshinaga

Kazunori Ito
Mamoru Oshii
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Naoto Kimura
Tetsuo Takahashi
Michiko Yokote
Hibari Arisu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yutaka Izubuchi
Yoshinori Sayama

Character Designer:
Akemi Takada

Musical Composer:
Kenji Kawai

47 episodes

Japan 10.11.1989 – 09.26.1990


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