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Psybuster Ep. 10: Balcione


Itetsu lands in a large hole and leads them through a cave. The cave ends with a secret elevator, which goes up to a room where Ryuzo, Sayuri and Lyune are waiting. Itetsu explains they’re at Dr. Frank’s second home. He says it’s safer than the Sanatorium and Ken asks if he’s ready to take a stand. Itetsu says he’s seen the changes in DC over 20 years. Masaki says they’re all from La Guias, but he doesn’t know their goal. Itetsu says he didn’t quit after Dr. Frank’s death because he wanted to carry on his ideals and expose Shu. Ryuzo says he’s similar, Itetsu losing his mentor, Ryuzo his wife. Ken asks why he let Mizuki join and Itetsu answers that he thought the younger generation could turn DC back to what it used to be. Lyune refuses to believe it and leaves the room. Mizuki says there are plenty of people back at DC who have no idea what’s going on. Nanase and the others watch the Prescion undergo maintenance. They wonder what happened to Ken and a group of military looking men arrive. Saphine tells their leader, Dallas, that Shu is waiting for him. Izaki asks about them and Saphine says they’re Team Prescion. Dallas meets Shu and says the day has finally arrived. Shu mentions that some still disagree and Dallas suggests getting rid of them. Nanase and the others walk in and Shu explains that the men are professional soldiers who are joining DC to fight Psybuster. Nanase objects, saying that they should focus on cleaning up the environment, which is DC’s original purpose. Shu says that this is DC’s original purpose and that he’s the one who invited the soldiers. He adds that if they don’t like it they can leave. Mizuki wonders if Masaki will be all right but Ken assures her that Sayuri is with him. He comments that she’s awfully concerned about Masaki. She suggests that Ken is jealous, which he denies. He says there’s a spider, which causes Mizuki to cling to him. She slaps him and Ryuzo wonders how long the underground corridor they’ve been walking down is. Lyune says she had no idea there was anything underneath the house. Itetsu leads them to a hangar and shows them the Balcione. He says it’s the original version of the Balcion, but it was frozen after Dr. Frank’s death. The DC managed to get the blueprints and made the Balcion. Ryuzo wonders why Dr. Frank would build such a robot and Itetsu figures he foresaw the current situation. Lyune asks Itetsu to finish Balcione so she can take back DC. Ken remembers that the Balcion is laying where he left it, so they could use that for parts. Itetsu thinks it’s a good idea, but Ryuzo thinks it’s too early to use the Psybuster to go get it. Itetsu wonders about the micro black holes and how they’re just experiments. He says a bunch of engineers were working on a secret project that he didn’t know about. He wonders what they’re making.

Dallas and his men head out with Prescions. Shu wonders how Psybuster can move with Masaki so injured. He says they can’t let Psybuster return to La Guias now that their identities have been discovered. Izaki asks where his Prescion is, but Saphine tells him to go with an RT. Shu comments that he’s not very useful. Izaki wonders why Dallas gets helicopters while he’s stuck in traffic. Ken grabs onto a rock and jumps into the lake. He manages to get to Psybuster and rises from the lake, surprising some fishermen. The others can’t find Ken in the house and Mizuki figures he’s gone to retrieve the Balcion. Ken enjoys how Psybuster moves according to his will and says the RTs are like toys compared to it. Ken finds Balcion, but is surrounded by Prescions. Saphine orders Dallas to destroy Psybuster and Shu is curious as to who’s piloting it. Dallas lands several blows on Psybuster and dodges Ken’s punches. Dallas holds him while another Prescion punches him. Ken manages to get away, but Dallas grabs him and swings him around before throwing him. Dallas is about to step on him, but Psybuster suddenly vanishes. Itetsu checks on an earthquake they felt and finds Psybuster right outside the hangar door. Psybuster enters and Ken loses strength. He says that DC now has robots more powerful than Balcion. Masaki enters and asks Ken to take him to La Guias. Ken says he can’t but Masaki says Ken has been chosen by Psybuster’s spirit. He says there are three more elemental lord robots in La Guias: Gottess of the WaterJaifer of the Fire and Zamjeed of the Earth. Once all four elemental lord robots are gathered, they’ll be able to defeat Shu.


This episode introduces us to several things. First are Dallas and his men with their Prescions. They are skilled combat veterans and give Ken quite the beating. Nanase and the others don’t like this change and Shu just tells them to leave. They’ll probably take him up on that soon. We see the Balcione, which, much to the horror of the Ryuseis of the world, is nowhere near as cute as the Valsione. It’s still a pretty cool looking real robot though. Finally we learn of the other three elemental lords, Gottess, Jaifer and Zamjeed, their originals being Goddess, Granveil and Zamzeed, respectively. The differing names are just to show that while they’re similar, they’re not meant to be the same. Remembering this is essential to enjoying the show.

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Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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