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Psybuster Ep. 11: Divine Crusaders


Ken looks at Mt Fuji and decides to go to La Guias. Lyune asks when the other engineers will arrive to work on Balcione. Itetsu tells her they’re waiting for the right time to leave DC. Lyune says they can’t afford to wait and accuses Mizuki for not caring about Balcione because they have Psybuster. Lyune says she wants to take back DC using her father’s machine. Dallas asks Shu if he blames him for failing to capture Psybuster, but Shu is sure that Dallas did his best. Dallas asks about Masaki’s injuries and wonders who the pilot is. He’s surprised Shu doesn’t have such basic information and Saphine says Dallas underestimated Psybuster. Shu tells them to get along. Dallas tells them to equip Prescion with an electromagnetic cannon and says it better not have to drag around a dynamo like the Balcion. Izaki yells at Dallas’s men for slacking off, but they ignore him. Dallas arrives and tells them that they’ll destroy Psybuster with the electromagnetic cannons. Izaki wonders what that is a chases after them for an explanation. Sayuri helps Ken pack and wonders what La Guias is like. Ken says Mizuki said the air was really clean. He wishes he could take Sayuri there so she could get better. He wonders what it’s really like while Sayuri goes to get some medicine to pack. She doesn’t return right away and Ken finds her collapsed on the floor. They take her back to the Sanatorium where she’s hooked up to a respirator. Ken blames himself for dragging her into this mess. Mizuki asks about Ryuzo returning to Tokyo and Ken doesn’t like how he left Sayuri behind. Mizuki assures him Ryuzo is doing what he thinks is best. Ken feels sorry for Sayuri for being stuck with a no good father and brother. Lyune enters her father’s study and has flashbacks about him. She sees a picture of her and her parents and finds a button on the frame, revealing a safe in the wall. Masaki hums to himself on the roof when Ken comes out to speak with him. Former DC mechanics land their helicopter in the giant hole, which is hidden by a hologram of trees. They’re happy to see Itetsu again and they show him data on the Prescion. They also tell him about Dallas and his men and Itetsu says DC is just a military organization now. He adds that even if they completed Balcione, it would just be a temporary thing. Ken overhears and Mizuki tells him they’ll need the elemental lords’ help. Ken says he turned it down because he can’t leave Sayuri alone. He says Mizuki can go, but she says the spirit chose him. Ken says he knows but he can’t leave Sayuri behind. Mizuki says she’ll go then. Lyune enters and says it’s fine because Ken is fighting for his sister like she is fighting to preserve her father’s memory. She says he founded DC to restore Tokyo after the great earthquakes. She puts in a disk, which has a video of Dr. Frank. The doctor talks about how he formed the Divine Crusaders for the future generations. Lyune says she’ll fight for that.

Ken and Masaki watch the sunset and Ken remembers what Nanase said about the deep blue sky. He wonders if the sky in La Guias is like that and Masaki tells him he’s not doing the wrong thing. He says that without having the will to protect your loved ones you can’t fight and risk your own life. Ken decides to go to La Guias. Mizuki says she’ll take care of Sayuri and Lyune comments that she’s changed, as she’d have never approved of fighting before. Mizuki says she was serious about taking Ken’s place at La Guias and that she also wants to be chosen by the spirits. Psybuster takes off and Ken and Masaki go to La Guias. The engineers work to finish Balcione and Dallas tests the electromagnetic cannons. There are a few problems, but it’s not that bad. Masaki leads Ken through a forest. Ken is surprised about Masaki’s wound and Masaki says that the nature of La Guias healed him. Ken wishes he could bring Sayuri and notices some glowing dirt. Masaki takes Ken to a temple and introduces him to the priestess, an old woman named Zeora. Zeora tells Ken that the spirits have called him. She shows him stone carvings of the elemental lord robots and says one of them will choose him. Psybuster appears from its tablet and Masaki says it chose Ken. Masaki says his role is completed, but Jaifer appears from its tablet. Dallas continues target practice and Nanase and the others ask Izaki why they’re doing it. Izaki says he doesn’t know either and they ask him about Ken and Mizuki. Izaki says that Saphine won’t tell him any specifics. Saphine asks Shu why he’s being so soft on Dallas and he says it doesn’t matter as long as they get data to improve the Prescion. He reminds her that their goal isn’t just to defeat Psybuster, but La Guias itself. Zeora tells Ken and Masaki to use the elemental lord robots’ power to fight their war before disappearing.


After some hesitation, Ken goes to La Guias where he is official chosen by Psybuster. Masaki thinks his job is done, but Jaifer chooses him. Now they have two elemental lord robots. Dallas and Saphine butt heads while Izaki, Nanase and the others wonder just what is going on. Lyune finds a message from her father, which motivates her to fight. Mizuki talks about how she wants to be chosen by the spirits of La Guias, and I’m sure she’ll get her chance. Shu is building up his forces and there are two elemental lord robots left to awaken.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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