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Psybuster Ep. 12: The Spirits of Wind and Fire


Ken admires Psybuster and says they should hurry back to Earth. Masaki says Psybuster’s wounds haven’t healed yet and that Earth’s environment has taken a toll on it. Ken agrees, saying that Earth’s sucks compared to La Guias. He asks Zeora how long it will take before they can return, but she says it’s up to the spirit. She and Masaki leave and Ken follows, thinking how Psybuster is almost like a human. An engineer tells Itetsu that the Balcione‘s frame durability and generator output are doubled and the beam cannon has a longer range. Itetsu figures that Dr. Frank knew they’d have to rely on the Balcione. Mizuki and Lyune enter, asking how much longer it will take. Itetsu says it would be disrespectful to Dr. Frank to rush and make a mistake. He says it will be ready in about three days. Ryuzo drives to DC HQ and thinks of how they look more like a military with armed guards. He tells a guard he’s lost touched with his son who works there and he’s let through. He drives by Prescions being fit with electromagnetic cannons. Ryuzo meets Saphine and comments on the training outside. Saphine says they’re taking a serious approach. He asks about Ken but she says he’s just being a no show. Ryuzo adds that not just his son, but also several DC members have been unaccounted for. Saphine says team Prescion will search for them, but Ryuzo says it looks like they’re heading into battle instead. Saphine answers that Psybuster could appear at any time so they need to be prepared. Ryuzo claims they’re looking for Psybuster and not the missing members. Saphine says she hopes Ken wasn’t crushed under Psybuster’s feet before leaving. Ryuzo calls the others and tells them that the Prescions will head there the next day. Mizuki suggest destroying the Balcione so they won’t capture it, but Lyune says DC isn’t their enemy. Mizuki reminds her they’re up against the Prescion and asks what her father would have done. Lyune says neither and takes the elevator down to the hangar. Mizuki wonders what Ken is doing while Lyune looks at the Balcione. At the Sanatorium, Sayuri asks a nurse if there’s anything she can do despite being sick. The nurse tells her to focus on getting better so others don’t need to worry. Sayuri asks the nurse if she can get more toothbrushes and men’s underwear so she can give them to the people who are worried about her. An engineer tells Itetsu that the Balcione’s beam cannon can fire faster than the electromagnetic cannon. Itetsu figures it could win in a one on one fight, but it’s still risky. Mizuki asks him where Lyune is so they can go to the Sanatorium but he hasn’t seen her. She goes to Lyune’s room but finds it empty. She sees the family picture and wonders where she went. Lyune heads to the city and Ryuzo sees her enter DC HQ. Lyune sees the Prescion’s target practice.

Dallas is satisfied with the electromagnetic cannon’s accuracy and Izaki is amazed how silent it is. Nanase asks if he wants to pilot a Prescion too but he says he’s not war thirsty like them. He says adapting to such big changes is hard on him. Lyune enters and everyone is surprised to see she’s fine. They ask her what happened and she said she was left on the battlefield. Izaki apologizes and says Saphine gave the order. Shu notes how excited Dallas is and says he won’t be able to return without results now. Lyune enters, much to their surprise and reports her return. Shu laments over the loss of the Balcion and Saphine offers her a Prescion. Lyune accepts and excuses herself. Saphine assures Shu that they need more soldiers after losing so many members. Dallas destroys Psybuster in a simulation and Lyune introduces herself. She asks to join Team Prescion, but Dallas refuses. He says they’re heading out tomorrow and that flawless teamwork is needed. He suggests she cleans up the building they destroyed in practice. Mizuki tells Itetsu she’s sure Lyune returned to DC and suggests she might sell out Psybuster to save Balcione. At night, Lyune sneaks into a Prescion and tampers with something. Lyune leaves DC HQ and Ryuzo offers her a ride. Dallas tells Shu to have food and their money ready when they return before his team heads out. Lyune and Ryuzo return to the house where Mizuki questions Lyune about returning to DC. Ryuzo says that Lyune is trying to regain the DC in her own way. The DC forces set up while Ryuzo and Mizuki watch on. Dallas orders the forest burned down for better maneuverability. RT’s torch everything with flamethrowers and the Prescions advance. They suddenly malfunction and fall over. Mizuki wondered what happened and Ryuzo explains that Lyune tampered with their systems, but she didn’t have enough time to do all of them. Mizuki tells Lyune that she misjudged her. The working Prescions search aimlessly when Psybuster and Jaifer appear. Dallas is surprised to see two of them, but takes aim anyway.


This episode focuses almost entirely on Lyune. Her and Mizuki have never been the best of friends but they’ve seemed to reach an understanding. Lyune returns to DC only to mess with the Prescions, which is sure to be helpful in the coming battle. Ken and Masaki are back on Earth and now that they have Jaifer, things will certainly “heat up.”

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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