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Psybuster Ep. 13: The Army of Prescion


The Prescions fire their electromagnetic cannons at Psybuster and Jaifer. When the smoke clears, Dallas thinks they were completely destroyed, but Psybuster reappears and disables some Prescions. Jaifer does the same, shooting fire at them. Dallas orders a retreat. Back at DC Nanase and the others complain about how their roles have been changed to just supporting the combat team. Nanase suggests they all quit together when Izaki shows up. She asks him if he thinks the DC is fine the way it is now. He says he’s just following orders and she asks if that’s ok even if it’s wrong. Izaki dodges the question and leaves. Dallas watches the Granzon being constructed. Shu says it will be the strongest combat robot on Earth. Saphine adds that they can’t rely on Prescion anymore and Dallas says he didn’t know there’d be two elemental lord robots. Shu tells him there are four of them and Saphine says they need to hurry the Granzon’s completion before they all show up. Dallas says they just need to take care of them one at a time and that they wouldn’t have lost if there had been a detailed report before hand. Izaki enters and wonders what they’re building. He tells them about the recruits’ complaints and asks them to give them a good explanation. Saphine says she’ll handle it soon. Jaifer is brought into the hangar and Sayuri asks who will pilot the other two elemental lord robots. Masaki answers that only the spirits know. Mizuki says she wants to pilot one and asks Sayuri and Lyune if they want to too. Ken thinks Psybuster and Jaifer are enough and suggests attacking the DC to end it. Lyune tells him not to speak so lightly about destroying DC and says she doesn’t want to pilot an elemental lord robot because she has Balcione. Lyune goes to Balcione’s cockpit and says it’s the only thing she has left of her father. Mizuki thinks they were a bit insensitive and Ken says it was Mizuki’s fault. They start fighting and Itetsu breaks them up, saying Lyune wants to use Balcione to return DC to its former state. Nanase and the others ask Dallas and his men if they know DC’s main objective. They say it’s to destroy Psybuster. Dallas tells them that Granzon is almost complete and that it’s supposedly stronger than Psybuster. He adds that they’ve joined a scary organization. They hand their resignation to Saphine, who quickly lets them go. They leave and Nanase says she’s going into the Sea of Trees to find Ken and Mizuki. She asks the others to go with her, but they decide to go home. Saphine is glad they left so easily and Dallas hits on her, but remembers that she only has eyes for Shu. Ken hides Psybuster at the bottom of the lake, thinking how he has to put his life on the line to do it. Dallas’s men search the forest and he sees Dr. Frank’s villa. Mizuki and Sayuri prepare dinner and Mizuki leaves to get some herbs. Dallas and his men enter the house and Sayuri asks who they are. Dallas makes himself at home, which Sayuri finds very rude. He says they’re just going to rest a bit and asks if there’s anyone else there. Sayuri says her sister is, but she’s busy. Dallas asks if they’ve seen anything strange but Sayuri says they haven’t. A surveillance camera watches them from a vent.

Lyune identifies Dallas and Mizuki goes to support Sayuri. Dallas goes to the kitchen and Mizuki fears he’ll realize there are a lot of them there considering how much food they made. Dallas orders his men to search the house and Mizuki manages to sneak upstairs. She introduces herself as Sayuri’s sister and asks them to leave, as they’re expecting friends over for a party. Dallas holds out a DC uniform he found and asks where she got it. Mizuki says she found it in the forest. Dallas asks where, but Sayuri has an asthma attack. Dallas tells one of his men to take her to the Sanatorium, saying DC needs to get along with the locals. Nanase wanders around the forest and Ken passes the jeep carrying Mizuki and Sayuri. Ken gets it to stop and tries to fight the driver, but he over powers him. Mizuki tries to help but ends up hitting Ken instead. Sayuri then hits the driver with a fire extinguisher, knocking him out. Sayuri says her attack was a lie to get them to leave and Ken asks what happened. Nanase continues wandering while Dallas inspects a suspicious cliff. Itetsu comments on how bad the situation is and Lyune and Masaki head to their mechs. Itetsu objects but Masaki says they’ll be found out sooner or later. Psybuster approaches and Dallas calls for the Prescions. They hit Psybuster with their electromagnetic cannons, but it does nothing. Psybuster blows them back with a blast of wind, but they keep advancing. Jaifer and Balcione launch and Psybuster knocks over a Prescion. Dallas switches with the pilot and tosses off the cannon. He grabbles with Psybuster and throws it. He punches it and knocks it into a crevice. Psybuster pops up behind Dallas and kicks him down, causing a tree to fall on Nanase. Ken saves her and Dallas prepares to shoot him with his retrieved cannon. He’s hit by a blast of fire from Jaifer and Balcione destroys the electromagnetic cannon. Psybuster slices a bunch of Prescions in half and Dallas orders them to retreat. Nanase is surprised to see Ken exit Psybuster.


Psybuster and Jaifer make quick work of the Prescions. Even their ‘powerful’ electromagnetic cannons didn’t even scratch them. For some reason Ken feels the need to hide Psybuster in the lake, despite having a perfectly good hangar to keep it in. Dallas continues his search, stumbling across Dr. Frank’s villa and causing trouble. Nanase and the others finally decide to quit DC and Saphine is glad to get rid of them. The Granzon is nearing completion, and if it’s anything like the original, Ken and the gang will be in big trouble. Balcione makes its not-so-glorious combat debut, and Lyune finally manages to do something useful with it. Nanase has managed to rejoin the gang, but she’s still just a minor character who happens to have a name. Dallas has been defeated again, but he’s not going to give up any time soon.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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