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Psybuster Ep. 14: A Wing in the Flames of War


Dallas’ men continue searching for Psybuster. He assures himself they’ll find it since it can’t be hard to find something that big. One of his men informs that the guy Sayuri knocked out has come to and said that there was a guy who was apparently the girls’ brother named Ken. Nanase admires the nature when Ken sees helicopters approaching. Mizuki says her and Sayuri will stay outside while the others go hide. Dallas asks to meet Ken, the driver wanting to “thank” him for the day before. Dallas asks where he works and Sayuri says he’s a termite exterminator. Two guys search in a helicopter, but one of them decides to do a ground search. Ken assures Masaki that it will be fine since the sea of trees is like a labyrinth. Dallas excuses himself and leaves. Nanase hacks into the DC’s databank to delete data on Ken, but Dallas’s men already look it up. The driver recognizes Ken and they see Mizuki’s data. Nanase keeps getting blocked and Mizuki and Sayuri blame themselves for giving them away. Ken says they would have found out sooner or later, but the girls bought them some time. Lyune adds that they don’t know Ken’s connection to Psybuster and Masaki suggests they lay low, as they don’t know about the underground base either. The former new recruits go bowling and wonder if Nanase made it to the sea of trees. They figure she would contact them if she found Ken and Mizuki, but one thinks that they betrayed her. One says he doesn’t want to be involved anymore but another thinks they shouldn’t be wasting time like they’re doing. He sees Ryuzo outside and they all ask him where Ken is. Dallas’s men keep watch on the villa and talk about how it was Ken and Mizuki who freed Psybuster’s pilot. Dallas wonders about the guy who went into the Sea of Trees, but no one has heard from him. The man in question searches the area behind the villa, marking a trail as he moves. Masaki expresses his concern about the man who went into the forest while Dallas decides to smoke them out. They bombard the house and set it on fire. Ken wants to do something, but Masaki tells him that’s what they want. Lyune agrees and says her father would understand. The sprinkler system turns on and puts out the fire.

The next day Ken and the other survey the damage. Ken sees that Dallas and his men are still surveying them. Sayuri finds an injured bird, but Ken tells her to get rid of it. He says it could have some disease that would be bad for her health. She says it will just be until it gets better and Ken concedes. He mutters about being a brother that’s less useful than a bird and heads out on his motorbike. He says he’ll lure Dallas to the lake and asks Masaki to be ready to support him. Mizuki complains about how he didn’t discuss it with them, but Nanase agrees that it’s the only way to lure Dallas away. Itetsu asks what they’ll do if they catch Ken before he reaches the lake, but Masaki says they have to have faith in him. Dallas sees Ken leave and calls for the Prescions before chasing after him. Dallas reports that he’s heading to the lake but Ken loses the helicopters by going into the forest. They find his bike abandoned at the lakeside and wait for the Prescions. Dallas’s man in the forest sees Jaifer and Balcione leave the secret hangar. He tries to report it in but his radio doesn’t work. Balcione walks off and Jaifer engulfs itself in flames before flying off. Some of the flame hits Dallas’s man. The Prescions wait for Psybuster but Jaifer appears. The electromagnetic cannons don’t affect it so they use their beam cannons to knock Masaki into the water. A blast of fire shoots out of the water and destroys a Prescion. Psybuster also appears and cuts off a Prescion’s arm. The same Prescion gets hit by Balcione. The former recruits wander down a road, but can’t make out the map Ryuzo drew for them. They see Psybuster off in the distance. Sayuri looks at the bird and says how she’s similar to it, unable to do anything and always inconveniencing others. She adds that the bird has wings, so it can just fly away when it gets better. Lyune knocks a Prescion down, but is tackled by another. Ken catches her and takes her away, using the wind to cut a Prescion in half. Dallas says he’ll handle Psybuster and they square off. Dallas aims his cannon and Ken hesitates when birds fly in front of it. Dallas fires, but Jaifer throws a Prescion in the way. Dallas sees that Jaifer and Balcione have taken care of the other Prescions and Ken blows him away, immobilizing his Prescion. The injured bird flies away and Dallas is surprised and amused to see that he was beaten by a bunch of kids. The former recruits run up to Ken and the others.


A more action packed episode than usual. Dallas finds out about Ken’s identity and razes the villa. Ken seems a little mean telling Sayuri to get rid of that bird, but all us big brothers out there can probably understand why he’d say that. Sayuri sees herself as a burden and wants to do something. She will soon enough. Dallas and his men get a thorough ass kicking, but I have to wonder why Ken and the others decided to reveal themselves to Dallas. I guess they figured there’d be no point in hiding it. Ken’s former teammates join up with him, but they’re just more minor characters that won’t get anymore screen time. The Prescions are now completely useless, so it should be time to break out the Granzon.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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