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Psybuster Ep. 15: The Valley of Betrayal


Dallas’ men train and Izaki tries to help, but is easily beaten in sparring matches. Nanase tries piloting Balcione, but Lyune slaps her for it. Nanase asks what the harm was, and Lyune suggests she was trying to get more data on Balcione. Nanase says she’s not a spy, but Lyune finds it strange she stayed with the DC and only joined them recently. Itetsu, Mizuki and Ken ask what’s wrong and Nanase says Lyune thinks she’s a spy. She says she only wanted to try piloting Balcione, and Ken and Mizuki don’t see a problem with it. Lyune says Balcione belongs to her so only she’ll pilot it. Lyune runs off and Ken calls her a hardheaded brat. Nanase says she was just interested in piloting something other than an RT and Mizuki assures her Lyune will understand. Itetsu says Lyune must think of Balcione as a gift from her late father and that it comforts her. Mizuki adds that the DC she believed in betrayed her, so she has trouble trusting others. Shu reviews the combat footage and muses about Ken being the pilot of one of the elemental lord robots. Saphine mentions the Balcione and says that building the Prescions did nothing. Dallas asks if she’s blaming him and wonders who’s been delaying the Granzon. Shu scolds both of them and tells them not to make him angry. Izaki gets hit with a door when Saphine opens it and she tells him to go do something impressive. Izaki goes out alone in a helicopter, declaring he’ll find Psybuster and rub it in Dallas’s face. A fuel leak catches fire and Izaki sends out a SOS before the helicopter crashes into the lake. Izaki swims out, only to see Psybuster at the bottom of the lake. He loses consciousness before he reaches the surface, where Ken finds him. Ken brings him to the villa, where the others question his decision. Mizuki suggests moving him before he wakes up, but Masaki fears he’s already found Psybuster’s hiding spot. He suggests explaining the situation to Izaki when he wakes up, but Lyune says he won’t understand anything. Itetsu says they should trust him, as Izaki isn’t a bad person. Nanase says they should try to convince him, but Lyune still refuses. Nanase says she should trust people more. Mizuki says they have more reason to be suspicious of Lyune, returning to DC without telling them, but they did believe in her in the end. Ken says hardheaded people are straightforward when Izaki enters. He says he heard what they were talking about, but wonders where he is and who he is. Mizuki wonders if he has amnesia and tells him that he escaped DC with them, hitting his head along the way. She takes him back to his room and tells him to rest. When she leaves Izaki gets up and declares he’ll return to Saphine with good news.

Izaki sneaks around the villa and sees Itetsu get on the elevator hidden behind the bookshelf. He goes down to the secret hangar and sees Balcione. He wishes he had a camera and Itetsu hands him one. Izaki plays dumb and says he just wanted souvenir photos. Ken tells Masaki the other lakes aren’t deep enough to hide Psybuster. Masaki suggests sending Psybuster and Jaifer back to La Guias. Ken asks what will happen to Earth if they leave, but Masaki says they’ll combine their powers to send the mechs without piloting them. He adds they’ll be able to summon them back but he’s not sure if just the two of them can do it. He says their true power is unleashed when all four are together, but they give it a try anyway. They concentrate and managed to send Psybuster away. Izaki makes notes on the Balcione and the complex. He leaves through a secret exit, but can’t get back in. Itetsu and Lyune watch him on camera and say they can’t let him go. Izaki scales down the side of the cliff, but Balcione surprises him, causing him to fall. He loses his notebook and Lyune catches him. She starts crushing him in Balcione’s hand and he cries that he doesn’t know anything. Itetsu tells her not to kill him and Izaki says that if he doesn’t return, DC will go looking. Lyune stops and lets him go. Dallas’s team salvage Izaki’s chopper when he comes running out of the forest. He says Psybuster is in the lake, and Dallas asks where he’s been. Izaki says he escaped from a secret base, but the others think he’s gone crazy. Jaifer appears and attacks, causing Dallas’s men to retreat. Masaki goes to step on Izaki, but stops, allowing him to escape. Ken and Mizuki ask Lyune why she let Izaki go, and she says she wanted to trust him. Ken says it was only a matter of time before they were found anyway and the others also decide to trust Izaki. Masaki returns and says he will do the same. On the helicopter, Dallas offers Izaki some coffee and asks where the secret base is. Izaki says he doesn’t remember.


All too often in anime you see characters get amnesia and end up becoming completely different. Apparently Izaki has watched too many of those. It was kind of clever of him to fake amnesia to sneak around, but unfortunately Izaki has always been an incompetent fool and manages to mess it up. No wonder Saphine and Dallas think nothing of him. Lyune’s acting as selfish as ever, but I can’t really blame her for wanting to somehow be connected to her late father. The others seem to be getting through to her though, as she decides to trust Izaki. It pays off, as he knows to keep his mouth shut after almost getting crushed twice. At least he’s not a total moron.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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