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Psybuster Ep. 16: MBH Cannon


Saphine oversees the testing of the Micro Black Hole Cannon, which completely wipes out some abandoned ships out at sea. Saphine is impressed and an engineer tells her they still need to miniaturize it so they can fit it on the Granzon. Shu says that the elemental lord robots won’t be able to stand up to a MBH cannon equipped Granzon and Saphine adds they need to destroy at least one before the other two appear. Ken and the others enjoy a peaceful day at the villa. Mizuki figures Izaki didn’t tell anyone about them, since it’s already been a week. Masaki says they’ll be found out eventually and Ken says they’ll just have to move when that happens. He doesn’t know where they’d go though and Lyune blames herself for letting Izaki go. Masaki says he also let him go and everyone else say they don’t blame her. Sayuri asks about the other two elemental lord robots and the others figure with all four and the Balcione, they won’t need to worry. Dallas asks Izaki how he’s doing and inquires about Ken. Izaki says Ken was his worst student, always causing trouble. Dallas asks if Izaki remembered anything, but he says he doesn’t. Dallas studies the videos of Psybuster‘s battles with the Prescion and sees that in terms of mechanical ability, Prescion isn’t worse than Psybuster. Shu asks how long it will be until Granzon is finished and Saphine says she told the engineers to be ready to test it in 10 days. They find Dallas in Shu’s office, who tells them he’s going to take Prescion out to check the lake. Shu asks him to wait for the MBH cannon, but Dallas says new doesn’t necessarily mean better. Shu says they can’t allow another elemental lord to appear before Granzon is complete. Ryuzo finds an old man named Dr. Someya in front of his office. Ryuzo recognizes him as one of the founding scientists of DC and pours him some coffee. Someya explains that he went into hiding, fearing he would be murdered like Dr. Frank. Prescions search the lake and Nanase wonders if Izaki told them. Masaki reminds Ken that Psybuster is in La Guias, so they should leave when they don’t find anything. Mizuki says the base will be next if Izaki did tell them, but the others still trust him. Ken says it would be better if Izaki didn’t return to DC, not knowing that Lyune was listening. Lyune heads to Balcione. The Prescions find Psybuster’s footprints and Balcione arrives. Dallas shoots at her. Itetsu tells Ken that Lyune left and Dallas wonders if Psybuster will show up if he beats her up. Jaifer appears and Dallas’s electromagnetic cannon runs out of power. Masaki goes to finish him off, but another Prescion jumps out of the water and is destroyed instead. The other Prescions surface and Masaki escapes with Balcione.

Masaki and Lyune return to base and Ken says she’s just given them confirmation about them. Sayuri tells him Lyune just felt responsible because he was on her case. He admits that was wrong of him and Lyune says she just wanted to help. Mizuki says they’ll be found eventually and Nanase wonders where they’d move. Ryuzo calls and tells Ken that his suspicions were correct about Dr. Frank being murdered by Shu. Armed men enter and hold Ryuzo at gunpoint. They tell Ken and he runs off, saying he was told to bring Psybuster. Masaki says it’s a trap and reminds Ken that Psybuster is in La Guias. Saphine mocks Dallas for returning because his battery died. He says she better not have tampered with it. She says he was the one who wanted the battery pack to be smaller and lighter. He vows to beat Psybuster next time and Saphine tells him to follow her orders to do so. She says she’s already sent for Psybuster and that he should check the energy levels himself next time. Ken prepares to head to DC himself. Masaki tries to stop him, saying he’ll go with Jaifer. Ken refuses and asks Masaki to help him summon Psybuster. Masaki says Psybuster won’t come if his heart is troubled and that’s why he’s offering to go instead. Ken says they’ll just kill Ryuzo if a substitute shows up. He adds that Masaki has parents, so he should know how he feels. Masaki says he doesn’t have any parents, but he does understand. Saphine sees Ryuzo and says she should have swatted a fly like him earlier. Ryuzo counters by saying flies love dirty, stinky places. Saphine slaps him and some agents kick him a bit. Saphine tells him it’s his son’s last day. Dallas waits with his Prescion and Ken arrives. Dallas asks where Psybuster is and gets angry that Ken thinks he can take him without it. Ken concentrates along with Masaki and summons Psybuster. Saphine and Ryuzo watch from a helicopter, Saphine musing about DC’s problem child being the pilot of Psybuster. Ryuzo says he is proud of his son. Ken and Dallas face off.


This episode felt a little disjointed. The first part didn’t really connect with the second. The first half deals with the consequences of letting Izaki escape. Lyune feels guilty about it; despite everyone saying it’s fine. They keep repeating, “They would have found us sooner or later anyway,” which is not really a good mindset to have. Because of some careless comments from Ken, Lyune tries to fight by herself, but (not surprisingly) she gets her ass kicked. In the second half we have Ryuzo getting kidnapped and Ken goes off to save him. We finally learn a little bit about Masaki when he reveals that he’s an orphan. Ken and Dallas have like a three-minute stand off at the end of this episode, so we have to wait for the next one before anything happens.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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