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Psybuster Ep. 17: Granzon


Saphine has the copter door opened to give Ryuzo some air. Dallas fires at Ken, but he jumps out of the way. Ken flips the Prescion over and tries to rip off its arm, but Dallas pulls him down. Psybuster grabs his leg and tosses him again. They grapple but Ken flips Dallas over again. The helicopter pilot notes how badly Dallas is getting beaten, so Saphine has her goons hang Ryuzo out of the helicopter. Dallas tosses Psybuster away and says he’s getting used to his powers. Ken charges but Dallas spins away and kicks Psybuster in the back, knocking it down. Dallas says even a high performance car is no better than a scooter with a rookie driver and adds that Ken doesn’t know what real combat is like. Ken sees Ryuzo hanging from the helicopter and Saphine tells Dallas to use the opening to finish him off. Dallas says such underhanded tactics goes against his warrior’s pride and fires at the helicopter. Ken returns to the villa and tells everyone Dallas backed off for some reason. He apologizes for not saving Ryuzo and Sayuri asks if they’ll kill him. Ken says they wouldn’t, but she gets too worked up and has a coughing fit. Dallas barges into Saphine’s office and asks where Ryuzo is. He says he would have won even without her interfering and she asks whom he was aiming at. Dallas says she can’t comprehend and Shu enters, saying he can’t either. He reminds Dallas of their goal to get revenge on La Guias, Saphine adding that the method doesn’t matter. Dallas asks where Shu’s pride went and leaves. Saphine asks how long Shu is going to tolerate him, but Shu says he has plans. Nanase suggests using the subway to sneak into DC and Lyune says barging in with Jaifer and Balcione would be easier. Mizuki reminds her about Ryuzo and Masaki says that Lyune was the one against attacking DC. Sayuri makes her way to the hangar, coughing the whole time. She climbs up to Jaifer, which opens its cockpit for her. She gets in and comments on how comforting it is. She tries to put her hands in the controls, but she gets shocked. Ken, Mizuki and Masaki enter, saying they understand she wants to help save her father. Ken and Mizuki navigate their way through the subway, but wind up in Shinjuku. Ken recalls doing their underwater training there and Mizuki sees a TV displaying a message asking if Shu killed Dr. Frank. Mizuki says Ryuzo’s efforts are paying off and that they should hurry and save him. Sayuri wonders if the elemental lord accepted her and Masaki says he’ll take her to La Guias to ask the spirit. Masaki asks Itetsu and Lyune if there’s been word from Ken, but they say there hasn’t. Masaki says that Jaifer is telling him they’ll be fine.

Ken and Mizuki make it to DC, but are immediately spotted. Saphine and Shu put Ryuzo under some slowly descending spikes and asks where their secret base is. Ryuzo wants to know about the black explosions first and Shu tells him they were experimenting with Micro Black Holes. Ryuzo asks about the white holes, which Shu says spits out what the black holes suck in. He says the second white hole was the result of his experiment but he doesn’t know what caused the first one. He explains how it freed him from the dimensional gap and gave him an idea of how to free his comrades. Ryuzo thinks of how his wife died and demands to know what Shu is planning. Saphine asks if he’ll write an article about it when they’re informed the senior members are revolting. Shu and Saphine leave, promising to scatter Ryuzo’s remains in the sea of trees. Izaki watches them leave. The spikes are about to come down on Ryuzo when they suddenly stop and lift away. Ken and Mizuki enter and Izaki tells them there’s no time for a reunion. The seniors confront Shu about what the news is saying and announce that they’re quitting. They say they’ll take the RTs and form a new DC. Shu says it’s fine and Saphine gives them the RTs as their severance packages. Izaki helps Ken and the others escape. They ask him to go with them, but he says he has to help the senior members, since they’re his students too. Ken asks what use it is for him to stay but he says it’s because he’s in love with some one. They wish each other well and Izaki stops the seniors from leaving with the RTs. He tells them Saphine won’t just let them be and he asks them to trust him. Saphine orders Dallas to get rid of the RTs with the Granzon. Shu says that they’ll eventually join the enemy and that Dallas is a man he can count on. The Granzon is deployed and fires its MBH cannons. Ken, Mizuki and Ryuzo stop as the tunnel starts collapsing around them. The after shock ends and they hear voices. The senior members join them, saying that Izaki told them to leave the RTs and go underground. Ryuzo is rather impressed with Izaki. A pillar of water shoots out of the lake and Gottess activates.


Ken and Dallas duke it out and Dallas actually gets the upper hand. He could have won, but his pride got in the way. At least this proves he’s not such a bad guy. Shu and Saphine see him as a problem though, so he should probably watch his back. Mizuki and Ken managed to save Ryuzo with some help from an unexpected source. Izaki proves he’s not a total idiot and saves his students. Shu and Saphine have clearly learned nothing from Dr. Evil, as they leave Ryuzo alone in a room with a slowly moving instrument of death. They didn’t even have the lone inept guard. Shu spews out your standard villain speech and we learn that he is the one directly responsible for the death of Ken’s mother. Dallas gets to take the Granzon for a spin and Gottess is acting up. Who will pilot it is the question.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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