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Psybuster Ep. 18: Elemental Lord Robot of the Water


Zeora prays in front of Gottess‘ tablet as Masaki watches the pillar of water. Ken and the others make it back to the surface and Ryuzo says he has somewhere to go. They go to an inn where Ryuzo is told a Mr. Ando called out Dr. Someya. Ryuzo says that Someya was going to testify against Shu and Ken realizes that Shu might have gotten rid of him. Ken and Ryuzo search until nightfall but don’t find him. Ryuzo blames himself for underestimating Shu. The next day they see Shu leaving the police station. Ken asks where the chief he used to believe in is, but Shu just drives off. Ken punches the ground but Ryuzo assures him it’s not over. An earthquake hits and Ryuzo comments on how frequent they’ve been lately. Back at the villa, Ryuzo receives a call and gets everyone in front of the TV. It shows a report on the International Environmental Protection League and how they are taking legal action against DC. It goes on to say how the IEPL put DC under satellite surveillance and how the black explosions were DC experiments. Shu denies all charges. Nanase can’t believe that DC was setting off explosions that destroyed the environment and Ryuzo says Shu confirmed it himself. Sayuri asks if they killed her mom and Ryuzo nods. Sayuri starts crying and Ken asks why he didn’t tell them earlier. Ryuzo says he only confirmed it the day before but Ken says he must have had suspicions. Ryuzo says that’s why he always said something stunk about DC, but Ken wouldn’t listen. Masaki says if they continue the MBH experiments, both Earth and La Guias will be destroyed. He explains that both planets live back to back, but in separate universes. He says the experiments have formed a wormhole, joining the universes together. Two universes can’t be joined, so they’ll be destroyed. Saphine tells the staff they need to be ready for battle at any time and that they must protect Shu. Dallas asks when DC became Shu’s bodyguards and Saphine reminds him of the IEPL. He asks what she’s afraid of and warns her not to get in his way again. He says he’ll destroy Psybuster in his own way. He says he’s been putting up with her because they were fellow prisoners, but not anymore. Dallas says he doesn’t care about the past and Shu agrees. He says that just because he saved them from the dimensional gap doesn’t mean they owe him their lives. He says he just wants their help and allows Dallas to handle things his way, offering his hand. They shake, but Shu starts crushing his hand. He says they have to keep their future in mind before releasing his hand and walking away.

Ken asks Masaki how they can save Earth and La Guias. He wonders if the wormhole is already connected, but Masaki says if it were, both worlds would be gone already. Ken says they still have time, but Masaki says they don’t know when it could connect. Sayuri assures them they can save both worlds because the spirits chose them. She says she knows she can help too and Ken agrees, saying they need to do what they can do. Another earthquake hits and heavily damages the city. Nanase says they should go help since DC won’t do anything. Lyune says Shu will attack once they leave and Nanase argues that helping out is what they joined DC for in the first place. Lyune says they’re not in DC anymore and that protecting the base is important to reclaiming it. Itetsu suggests splitting into two teams. Nanase and Mizuki prepare to go help when Sayuri asks them to take her too. Nanase says she can’t because no one can help her if she has an asthma attack. Sayuri understands and says she’ll do what she can at the base. Nanase and Mizuki drive off while Ken takes Psybuster. Sayuri sees them off. Mizuki and the others get stuck in traffic and wish they had RTs. Izaki drives up behind them with a trailer of RTs. Izaki says he knew they’d show and they hop in the RTs. Saphine says that Ken and Mizuki are gone, so it’s the perfect time to attack their base. Shu reminds her that they don’t know where it is but she says they’re still hanging around the villa. Sayuri admires the flowers while Ryuzo looks for her. Lyune tells him she’s cleaning the garden and a DC robot is detected. Dallas positions the Granzon and prepares to fire, apologizing that it’s what he’s paid to do. Ryuzo takes the elevator to the surface while Sayuri continues picking weeds. Dallas fires the MBH cannon, taking a chunk out of the hillside, exposing the secret base. Jaifer and Balcione climb out of the rubble, but Balcione falls over again. Gottess exits its tablet and Sayuri gets up to see rubble crushing the flowers. She walks through the trashed house and wonders why they do such things when nothing comes out of hatred. Dallas sees her on the balcony and wonders what she’s doing. Ryuzo climbs out of the damaged elevator shaft to see Gottess descend in front of Sayuri. Gottess brings Sayuri into itself and Dallas is surprised to see a new elemental lord robot.


Some major developments in this episode. The authorities are finally taking action against Shu, but he seems to be handling things fine. Masaki reveals that the Earth and La Guias are facing destruction. That’s certainly a problem. Shu puts the squeeze on Dallas to make him a bit more loyal, forcing him to use the Granzon against the villa. Sayuri is the main focus of this episode. Everyone can relate to how horrible the feeling of helplessness is. We all want to be useful in some fashion. Sayuri gets her chance as she’s chosen by Gottess. With the elemental lord robot of water on their side now, Dallas is in trouble.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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