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Psybuster Ep. 19: The Lake Bottom Trap


Ken is surprised to see Sayuri piloting Gottess and Dallas says he’ll take care of her first. Sayuri asks why they fight and blasts Granzon with water. Ryuzo scales down the cliff and Sayuri makes geysers appear around Granzon. It’s about to get swallowed up, but Dallas transforms it into hover tank mode and retreats. Ryuzo slips off the cliff as Sayuri exists Gottess. She asks Ryuzo what he’s doing and he says he was chasing her when he fell. He says he’s all right and asks Sayuri if she was really piloting Gottess. She says she can’t believe herself and Ken congratulates her on getting chosen. Masaki introduces Gottess and Sayuri says she’s never been to La Guias or baptized by the spirits. Ryuzo says it must be their blood and says he’ll probably be chosen next. Ken thinks that’s stupid and Gottess returns to La Guias. Sayuri wonders if she wasn’t chosen after all, but Ken says he’ll take her to La Guias. Granzon undergoes maintenance and Saphine asks Dallas if he gave it a bath. Dallas says the third elemental lord robot appeared unexpectedly and complains about how it makes him look bad. Saphine tells Shu she’s sure they’ll make a counter attack now that their base has been exposed and they have three elemental lords. Shu says they don’t need to worry because they just need to take out one at a time. Sayuri wonders if Gottess let her pilot just because she was there at the time and asks it to appear again. Mizuki returns and Sayuri asks her how things went. She says she did all she could and Sayuri makes some coffee. Mizuki asks about Sayuri piloting Gottess but she thinks it was just by chance. Mizuki agrees and says she wants to be able to fight with Masaki and Ken too. Sayuri says Mizuki is better suited for it, having been trained by DC and going to La Guias before. Mizuki repeats that she wants to pilot one and Ken enters, telling Sayuri they’ll go to La Guias the next day. Mizuki asks to go too so she can see if she will be chosen, but Ken says he can’t take two people on Psybuster. Mizuki says she’d be more useful than Sayuri and Ken says Sayuri fought a splendid battle earlier. Mizuki apologizes and runs out, bumping into Itetsu. Itetsu says she’s always hated losing and she says she wants to be useful. Itetsu says that Sayuri feels the same and that she probably wants it more because of her health. Mizuki muses about how nice it is to have siblings. She says even a guy like Ken would be better than not having one. She says she was jealous of Sayuri but adds that getting advice from Itetsu wouldn’t change much. He agrees and she excuses herself. Itetsu muses about her wanting a brother as Masaki rests in Jaifer‘s cockpit.

The next day, Ken wonders if DC will attack while he’s gone, but Masaki thinks they’ll be shaken by Gottess’ appearance and observe the situation for a while. Sayuri tells them not to expect anything and Ryuzo says he’ll pilot it if she doesn’t. Mizuki keeps her distance, but Itetsu tells her not to part with bad feelings. Mizuki apologizes to Sayuri but ends up fighting with Ken again. Ken and Sayuri board Psybuster and warp to La Guias. He leads her through the temple and Zeora appears. Zeora welcomes Sayuri and takes her to the tablets. Gottess appears and Sayuri boards it. Zeora says the water spirits have accepted her. After, Sayuri asks Zeora about Masaki, saying he looks lonely but she doesn’t know how to comfort him. She adds that they don’t know anything about Masaki. Zeora says that water spirits respond to pure hearts so she tells them about how Masaki just appeared one day. She says he was probably caught in a dimensional rift when he was still a child. Ken is surprised Masaki wasn’t born in La Guias and Zeora says she was the one who named and raised him. She says that Masaki doesn’t remember anything before that. Lyune and Mizuki inform Masaki that a submarine has sent an SOS signal. Ken and Sayuri return and Sayuri volunteers to help the sub, saying that going in the lake would be Gottess’ specialty. Ken likes the idea of not having Sayuri fight for her first mission and lets her go. Gottess enters the lake and Mizuki wonders if she’ll be ok. Ken says Sayuri’s changed and that he’s never seen her so enthusiastic. Nanase catches a strange shadow on radar and Ken realizes it’s a trap. Sayuri reaches the SOS signal’s origin, only to find mines and a Prescion. Sayuri guards as the mines explode and Saphine orders the Prescion pilot to finish her off. Dallas enters and yells at Saphine for deploying his men without his permission. Saphine says they’re more reliable than he is, but Dallas points out that Gottess is the elemental lord robot of water, so Prescion is at a disadvantage in the lake. All the mines explode and the Prescion fires torpedoes. Psybuster appears and takes the hit. He blows the Prescion back but is hit by more torpedoes. Sayuri causes a whirlpool, which destroys the Prescion. Dallas yells at Saphine for wasting his soldier’s life but Shu tells him to stop. He says he gave the order to attack the elemental lords one by one but Dallas was the one who caused the problem in the first place. Mizuki hugs Sayuri and asks if she’s ok. Sayuri says she’s a bit scared to have so much power but Mizuki assures her she’ll be fine as long as she has her kindness. Ken remembers Zeora’s words about water spirits choosing pure hearts.


The first thing you notice about this episode is the animators’ goof. Episode 18 ended with Gottess and Jaifer against Granzon in tank mode but 19 starts with Granzon in robot mode and Ken has magically appeared. Granzon is certainly nothing like its namesake, as being sprayed with water beats it. It does look pretty cool in robot mode though. Mizuki is jealous of Sayuri getting to pilot an elemental lord and for having a brother. Having four siblings myself, life would certainly be much quieter without them, but I can see why Mizuki would want one. Mizuki and Itetsu’s conversation is chalk full of foreshadowing too. Saphine makes another failed attempt to destroy an elemental lord and Dallas is getting more and more fed up with her and Shu. Mizuki is now feeling the pains of helplessness and it causes her to be a bit mean to Sayuri, but she apologizes soon after. Logic dictates that she’ll end up piloting Zamjeed soon.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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