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Psybuster Ep. 20: The Peace Settlement


Military forces surround DC HQ and demand they surrender. Dallas and his men attack with Prescions and easily destroy them. This reveals to the public DC’s true intentions, but Shu doesn’t seem to care. At the mountain base, Ken and the others watch news reports about the situation when an earthquake hits. Itetsu comments on how they’re having earthquakes more often and Masaki says it’s because of wormholes. Ken wonders if the worlds are connected but Masaki says it’s probably small wormholes that close up soon after. Ken questions Masaki further, knocking Masaki’s arm off Mizuki’s shoulder while he’s at it. Izaki looks up the punishment he’ll receive by helping Ken and the others and decides he doesn’t want to stick around anymore. He tries to escape underground, but Saphine stops him. Ken rides his motorbike through the subway while Saphine goes underground. She comments on how she knew of the subway, but didn’t think they were using it to sneak into DC. Dallas sits outside and tells his men to return once the military forces retreat. Ken makes his way outside and complains about how they destroyed the city they were finally rebuilding. Ken is surprised to see Dallas and attacks him, but Dallas easily beats him down. He says Ken is a coward without Psybuster and goes to finish him off. Ken says it doesn’t matter because Earth and La Guias will be destroyed anyway, which surprises Dallas. He asks Ken to explain it to him. Saphine makes her way to the surface to see Ken escaping. She shoots at him but he gets away. She sees Dallas and asks why he let Ken escape, but Dallas says he has something to ask Shu. Dallas tells Shu everything and Shu admits that they may be right. He suggests a cease fire. Back at the base Ken is bandaged up and Ryuzo is surprised that Dallas let him escape. Ken is told Masaki went back to La Guias to find information about Shu.

On La Guias, Masaki asks Zeora and the other elders about Shu and Saphine. They’re surprised to hear those names and explain that Shu staged a rebellion 50 years ago. They called on the help of the spirits and managed to seal Shu away in the gap between dimensions. Itetsu plays a harmonica and thinks about a boy named Junichi. He turns to see Sayuri, who asks why he stopped playing. She says the song was nice and asks what it was called, but Itetsu changes the subject. Sayuri tells him they have an unexpected guest. Izaki is there, holding a white flag and saying he’s a messenger for a peace conference. Izaki explains that Shu wants to talk after hearing about the danger facing the two worlds. He says they’ll meet at a restaurant and each side will only bring three people, but Shu would like Masaki to be one of them. They think it’s a trap, but Itetsu and Ken accept, saying they’ll be the other two to go. Izaki asks where Masaki is and Jaifer returns from La Guias. Dallas looks at the sunset and comments that it’s not much different from the one in La Guias. He says he’s always liked sunsets and Shu asks if it’s because it’s the color of blood. Dallas says he just likes it and asks Shu if he ever looks at the sky and gets homesick. Dallas says he wants to go back to La Guias, but Shu says he prefers darkness because it reminds him of his imprisonment and his hatred for La Guias. Ken, Masaki and Itetsu arrive at the restaurant and meet Saphine on the elevator. They’re all seated at a round table, which Shu comments is good for everyone to on equal ground. He asks about the wormholes and doesn’t quite understand because Earth and La Guias exist in different dimensions. Masaki explains it’s because they are parallel worlds and the wormhole is breaking the wall between them. Shu asks how the elemental lords can cross dimensions without causing problems and Masaki answers that it’s the power of the spirits. Shu doesn’t believe it and suggests that they create their own wormholes to travel. Masaki asks why Shu doesn’t believe in the spirits even though he’s from La Guias. Saphine starts a timer on her compact and Shu says the conference is over. He says the wormhole is not a threat since the elemental lords pass through it, but Masaki insists that’s not the case. Shu says he won’t believe anything that can’t be proven scientifically. Saphine comments that their methods are the same as always and Ken realizes what that means. A micro black hole bomb activates in the parking garage and they all run to the roof. Ken grabs Dallas’s legs and struggles with him. Masaki tries to stop Shu, but Shu easily tosses him through a fence. Masaki barely grabs on before he falls off the building. Saphine and Shu board a helicopter but take off when they see Dallas still fighting with Ken. Ken tells Masaki they need to summon the elemental lords while the MBH bomb explodes.


Now this is something you don’t see every day. They actually tried to solve their differences by talking it out! Honest to God talking! With civility even. Only in fiction I suppose. Sarcasm aside, it was interesting to see they at least tried to stop fighting when faced with the apocalypse. But as to be expected, it doesn’t work, as Shu doesn’t believe in that spirit nonsense. Dallas on the other hand seemed willing to believe them. His conversation with Shu shows just how different ideologically they are. Now that he’s been flat out abandoned on top of the fact the series is almost over, something’s going to happen with him soon. On a side note, any potential romantic aspect of this series is far from the main focus, but it’s fun to pick out the subtle hints. Ken getting jealous of how close Masaki and Mizuki were was rather amusing.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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