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Psybuster Ep. 21: Nostalgia


Shu and Saphine escape in a helicopter while the micro black hole engulfs the building. Psybuster and Jaifer appear and bring the others to safety. The Granzon, along with an army of Prescions, advance on the mountain base, leading Sayuri to fear the worst. Mizuki tells her to go out on Gottess, but Sayuri wonders if it will come. Lyune heads out in Balcione and the others encourage Sayuri to call Gottess. Lyune grapples with a Prescion, but the other forces continue to advance. Sayuri manages to summon Gottess, which holds off the Granzon. Lyune beats a Prescion, but two others double team her. She gets hit with their electromagnetic cannons, which knock off Balcione’s head. Sayuri goes to her aid when Psybuster and Jaifer appear and attack. The damaged DC forces return to their base. Shu says he’s surprised the elemental lords warped like that and Saphine suggests the story about the spirits may be true. Shu returns to his office and is surprised to see Dallas there. Shu says they didn’t mean to abandon him and gives Dallas a gun, saying he can shoot him if he doesn’t believe him. Dallas says he’s a soldier and follows orders, but he doesn’t want to lose the planet he wants to go back to. Back at the mountain base, everyone is glad to see Ken and Masaki are safe. Masaki adds that Itetsu will be back later. Lyune limps off, saying she’s fine as Itetsu returns. Later, Mizuki scolds Ken and Ryuzo for eating too much when Itetsu and some mechanics join them. Ken asks about Balcione and one mechanic suggests they shouldn’t bother with it since they have three elemental lords. Lyune hears this and leaves. Masaki asks Sayuri about her trip to La Guias and she wonders if Earth used to be like that. Masaki starts humming and Sayuri recognizes the tune as the song Itetsu was playing on the harmonica. Masaki says he’s been humming it for as long as he can remember.

Ken suggests an all out attack on DC, but Masaki says the Granzon with its MBH cannon is a problem. Ken says that’s why they have to attack in the early stages, and Mizuki agrees with him. Masaki wishes they had the final elemental lord, but Itetsu says they have the Balcione instead. He says it’s completely repaired and he added an electromagnetic cannon to it. Nanase goes and tells Lyune, but she says they can go without her. She says they have the elemental lords anyway and that a bystander like Nanase wouldn’t understand. Nanase slaps her and says it’s hard to just watch from the side. They start fighting but Ken and Mizuki break them up. Nanase says that Lyune isn’t anything special just because she’s Dr. Frank’s daughter. This causes Lyune to run off. After being unable to find her, they decide to attack DC with just the three elemental lords. They head off and Itetsu finds Lyune. He tells her she’ll regret it if she doesn’t go. He says that she is never alone because everyone there is family. The elemental lords approach DC and Dallas prepares to head out in the Granzon. Saphine tells him to lead them away from DC HQ and into the residential area. DC forces open fire. Lyune prepares to board the Balcione and Nanase apologizes to her. Lyune also apologizes. The elemental lords easily take care of the Prescions, but the Granzon retreats. Ken says it’s headed for the residential area and Masaki realizes they’ll use civilians as shields. Granzon transforms and aims at the city, but Ken and the others block him. Dallas admits he’s using a cowardly strategy, but he’s attacked from behind by Lyune. Ken, Sayuri and Masaki attack, but Granzon easily knocks them away. Lyune damages it with her electromagnetic cannon, allowing Sayuri and Masaki to hold Dallas down while Ken hits him with a wind blast. Dallas decides to self-destruct the Granzon. Ken and the others get away before he does. They find Dallas in the rubble and he’s surprised he managed to survive. He comments that everything Saphine makes has defects. Before he dies, he says he wants to see the sunset in La Guias again. Ken says they should send him back to La Guias, even if it is just his soul. They pray to the spirits and Ken wonders if Dallas was able to make it back.


There’s one thing to be said about Lyune: she gets the most development out of the entire cast. This time around she refuses to fight, only to change her mind. At least she was actually helpful this time around and managed to save the others. Still doesn’t change the fact the Balcione is almost totally useless. There’s a small development where Masaki and Itetsu know the same song. That could mean a lot of things. Almost like it was an afterthought, Dallas meets his end here. He self-destructs the Granzon, and despite the fact is was engulfed in a black hole, remains were left behind. At least Dallas was as confused as the rest of us. In the end, Dallas wasn’t such a bad guy; he just wanted to go back to the home he loved so much. Now that he’s lost the Granzon, whatever shall Shu do?

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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