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Psybuster Ep. 23: Masaki


A large earthquake hits while the Balcione is being repaired. Itetsu tells the others to take a break because the quake damaged some machinery. Lyune continues working and Ken tells her she should just accept Zamjeed, since elemental lords don’t need repairs. Masaki takes Lyune’s hand and gives her a reassuring look. Shu recalls Mizuki’s story about seeing Earth rubble on La Guias. He suggests to Saphine that they can use the MBH to go to La Guias. Saphine says that it would be dangerous, but Shu thinks it’s worth experimenting with. Saphine worries about the casualties, but Shu says they’ll just use Dallas’s men. Lyune overhears Nanase and Masaki talking about how Masaki will return to La Guias once everything is over. Masaki notices Lyune, who tells him she’ll never pilot an elemental lord before running away. Izaki eavesdrops on Shu talking to Dallas’s men. Shu asks for volunteers for the experiment to go back to La Guias. Dallas’s men enthusiastically agree. Lyune asks Ken to take her to La Guias, and he agrees. Sayuri is happy Lyune finally decided to pilot Zamjeed, but Nanase is skeptical. Sayuri comments on how pretty the moon is, but Masaki says La Guias is close; its shadow is reflected on the Moon. None of the others see it. They hear Itetsu playing his harmonica, and Masaki runs out. Sayuri explains to the others that Masaki isn’t from La Guias and might even be an Earthling. She then realizes she just said something she shouldn’t have. Itetsu remembers a young boy and continues playing. Masaki arrives and asks about the song. Itetsu says it’s something he made up. Figuring it’s ok because Masaki is from La Guias, Itetsu tells him that Mizuki had an older brother that went missing during the big Tokyo earthquake. He says that his son was only five at the time and that Mizuki knows nothing about it. Masaki asks Itetsu to play the song again and Masaki starts humming along. Sayuri and Mizuki arrive and tell them that DC is resuming their experiments. Mizuki says she’ll go out on the Balcione. Itetsu gives his harmonica to Masaki before he leaves.

Psybuster arrives in La Guias. Ken points out all the Earth garbage that the MBH experiments sent there. Ken takes Lyune to the temple where they meet Zeora. Lyune asks Zeora to get the spirits to choose someone else to pilot Zamjeed. She says she wants to defeat Shu with the Balcione her father left her. Zeora says it’s not necessarily Dr. Frank’s will she fight using Balcione. She adds that part of Lyune wants to fight along side Masaki while another part resists. Zeora is informed that horrible things are about to happen on Earth. Ken and Lyune head back. A group of Prescions prepare for the experiment when JaiferGottess and Balcione show up. Saphine tells Granzon to launch while she takes command from a helicopter. She tells the Prescions to lure the elemental lords into the MBH’s range. The Prescions back away and Mizuki goes after them. Saphine detonates the MBH, which sucks up the Prescions and Balcione. Saphine thinks she’s won, but Gottess and Jaifer climb out of the rubble, Jaifer carrying Balcione. Saphine tells Granzon to finish them, but Psybuster arrives. Ken and Lyune wonder who’s piloting Balcione. Ken and Sayuri disable Granzon. Ken and Lyune are surprised to see Masaki carry Mizuki out of Balcione. Mizuki is heavily injured and Ken says they need to take her to the hospital. Lyune decides to stay with Balcione. When Ken protests, Sayuri says she’ll stay too. Ken carries Mizuki away and Masaki follows. A damaged piece of the Granzon explodes nearby. Masaki pushes Ken and Mizuki out of the way, but he is sucked in. Only Itetsu’s harmonica is left behind. Jaifer vanishes. Saphine returns to DC and tells Shu the experiment failed. She says the Prescions couldn’t handle to pressure. She adds that Psybuster destroyed the Granzon, but Masaki died. Shu is glad they have one less elemental lord to deal with. Lyune blames Mizuki for Masaki’s death, but Ken says it’s Lyune’s fault for not accepting Zamjeed. Lyune breaks down in tears and Itetsu plays his harmonica.


It’s never a good sign when your name is the episode title. Lyune remains stubborn about not piloting Zamjeed, but her obvious feelings for Masaki make her waver a bit. Why does Lyune like Masaki now? Who knows. Women have the tendency for randomly falling for the original Masaki too. It’s never outright stated, but it’s pretty obvious that Masaki was Itetsu’s long lost son, Junichi Kamijo. I guess Ken didn’t have much to worry about after all. Shu has the brilliant idea of using the micro black hole on his own men. His reasoning behind it is sound though. Of course the main point of this episode is Masaki’s death. His death was pretty random though, as that piece of the Granzon just happened to explode at the right time. Well, just goes to show that anyone can die anywhere at any time. It was necessary for Lyune to finally smarten up. Poor Itetsu has to feel the pain of losing his son a second time.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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