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Psybuster Ep. 24: Through the Dimensional Gap


Ken, Lyune and Sayuri attend Masaki’s funeral in La Guias. Lyune asks if the spirits can resurrect Masaki. Zeora reminds her that Masaki fought to protect Earth and La Guias while she only fought for revenge. She tells her to come forward and be baptized by the earth spirits. Saphine watches as another experiment fails and acid rain starts to fall. Shu notes that the elemental lords probably survive by enveloping themselves in plasma first. Zeora comments that the warriors of wind, water and earth are gathered, but they lack fire because of Masaki’s death. The temple is rocked by an earthquake and Sayuri wonders if there’s any way to prevent the worlds from colliding. Zeora says when all four elemental lords gather, they will cause a Cy Flash. Saphine says as long as the elemental lords exist, they can’t stay on Earth or return to La Guias. Shu figures the key to destroying the elemental lords is in La Guias. The next experiment with Granzon will have to be a success. Izaki appears and asks Shu to stop mass producing the Granzons. Shu admires his courage but squeezes Izaki’s face, asking if he’s ready to give up his life for opposing him. He eventually lets him go. At the mountain base, Ken wonders if Masaki came to them just to give them the elemental lords. Itetsu wanders off and plays his harmonica. Mizuki follows him and says that Masaki wasn’t from La Guias. Itetsu tells Mizuki not to die before he does. A nearby group of Prescions fire at them. Mizuki tries to escape, but falls down a crater. Itetsu manages to grab her, but the Prescions set fire to the ground below. Ken and the others try to summon the elemental lords, but they won’t show up. The flames are deflected back at the Prescions and Jaifer appears. Itetsu sees Masaki’s spirit as Jaifer takes Mizuki onboard. Jaifer melts some of the Prescions while the others retreat. Jaifer disappears, leaving Mizuki behind. Ken is confused, saying Mizuki was rejected by the spirits, but Sayuri says she was rejected by the earth spirits. She figures it was probably Masaki’s spirit that chose her.

Saphine slaps Dallas’s men for acting on their own. They defend their actions by saying it was revenge for Dallas and that it would be easier to kill the pilots instead of destroying the elemental lords. She asks how they’ll take responsibility for not following the chain of command, but they ask her about responsibility for the failed experiments. They say they’re not going to listen to her anymore. Ryuzo works in his office when the power goes out. He figures Tokyo isn’t safe anymore. Shu suggests one more experiment with the Prescions, but Saphine advises against it. She says she’ll go herself and Shu approves the usage of the Granzons. She says she’ll take three Granzons and if one of them makes it to La Guias, the experiment will be a success. He leaves selecting the crew to her, and tells her not to die. The experiment goes underway. Two Granzons are destroyed when the MBH goes off, but the third continues on. The weather becomes abnormal and Mount Fuji erupts. Sayuri calls Ryuzo, who says it feels like he has asthma instead of her. She tells him that Mizuki was chosen to pilot Jaifer and that Ken has taken her to La Guias. Sayuri says she feels anxious and asks Ryuzo to go be with her. Ryuzo says that it’s his job to report the truth because he promised her mother. He says he’s proud of his children before he hangs up. While Mizuki is getting baptized, an earthquake hits the temple. Saphine’s Granzon arrives in La Guias. Saphine and her crew are overjoyed to be back and head towards the temple. Ken and Mizuki launch to stop them. Granzon aims its MBH cannon at the temple while its other armaments fire at the elemental lords. Mizuki realizes Saphine’s plan and they destroy Granzon’s arm. The MBH cannon enters firing range, but Psybuster and Jaifer and try to force Granzon to aim at the ground. The MBH cannon fires and hits nearby. Ken and Mizuki retreat while the Granzon is sucked into the black hole. Back at DC, the remains of two Granzons reappear, followed by Saphine’s unit. An unconscious Saphine lies out of the cockpit. Ken and Mizuki return to Earth and see how horrible the weather has gotten.


In this episode, Lyune finally becomes Zamjeed’s pilot and Mizuki is chosen to be the new pilot of Jaifer. Now they’ve finally gotten all of the elemental lords. Shu continues with his experiments and is finally successful with Saphine and her Granzon making it to La Guias, even if they didn’t get to stick around for long. We can see just how much of a toll the MBH is having on Earth and La Guias. Acid rain, abnormal snow fall, bad air quality, even Mt Fuji has become active again. The doomsday clock is counting down and with one episode of the main story left, it’s time to wrap things up.

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Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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