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Psybuster Ep. 25: The Collision


Mount Fuji erupts, setting the sea of trees on fire. Itetsu suggests they relocate, but the others realize nowhere on Earth is safe. Ryuzo calls Sayuri and says he can’t make it back because of the road conditions. Ryuzo asks to speak to Ken and tells him he’s finished his story. He adds it might be pointless since the world is about to end, but he is satisfied he kept his promise to his wife. He tells Ken he always liked how tough he was and informs him that Saphine survived. The phone goes dead and Ryuzo throws it away. He grabs a bottle of liquor and goes outside, saying he doesn’t care where he dies, but he wishes he could be with his kids. Ken tells the others about Saphine and is sure Shu and the others will attempt to go back to La Guias. Lyune says all the Granzons using their MBH Cannons would cause the dimensional wall to disappear. Itetsu notices how quiet it is and Ken comments on how weird the Moon looks. The others don’t notice, but Lyune remembers how Masaki said something similar. Ken says they shouldn’t give up. He suggests attacking DC and adds that a voice in his head tells him it’s not too late. The girls agree with him and Ken tells Itetsu to take everyone someplace safe. Itetsu says they’ll stay so they’ll have a place to return to. Itetsu wishes them luck and they summon the elemental lords. At DC HQ, employees place MBH bombs all over the building and head to the Granzons. Izaki and the other non-La Guiasian employees are locked in a room and dread their fate. Shu bids farewell to the DC base, but Saphine is still worried about Masaki’s words. She says the La Guias she returned to was not the one she remembered. Shu says it makes sense since Earth and La Guias are mirror worlds, but since Saphine traveled between the planets safely, it proves Masaki was lying. The elemental lords are detected so Shu and Saphine board a Granzon. Ken can’t believe they’re attacking the DC that he used to dream of working at. He says they have to prevent the Granzons from using their MBH cannons. If they’re about to fire, Ken says to get them to aim into the sky so the MBH will fly harmlessly into space. Shu orders four Granzons to attack the elemental lords while the other four will head to La Guias. He tells Saphine to activate the MBH bombs. He assures her that even if it’s just the two of them, they’ll sow the seeds of evil on La Guias and bring them to bloom. That will be their revenge. Psybuster grapples with a Granzon.

A Granzon slams Ken into a wall, but he manages to knock it away and blast it with wind. Mizuki jumps on a Granzon while Sayuri blasts another one with water. Lyune kicks a Granzon away, but it turns into tank mode and charges. Zamjeed sends out a fissure that damages the Granzon and blows away the door imprisoning Izaki and the others. They run out, but run back when they see the MBH bombs about to explode. They fall down a hole and end up in the sewers. The Granzons are about to self-destruct, so the elemental lords throw them out into space where they explode harmlessly. DC HQ explodes, blowing away Izaki and the others while the other four Granzons enter the wormhole. The elemental lords follow them. Shu orders the rear three Granzons to self-destruct. He says he has no idea what will happen, but figures their Granzon will be pushed out by the energy of the explosion while the elemental lords will be pushed back or swallowed up. Earth and La Guias come closer together as the Granzons explode, forming one giant black hole. Earth falls to ruins as the two planets are drawn even closer together. Ryuzo sleeps in front of his office, having passed out from drinking too much. Zeora calls out to Ken and the others. She tells them to join together and use the Cy Flash. The four elemental lord robots resonate and fire the Cy Flash. The blast of energy shoots through the black hole and destroys Shu’s Granzon. The black hole disappears and the two worlds move away from each other. A cleansing rain begins to fall. Saphine’s sunglasses appear in the hands of an unconscious Izaki. At the mountain base, Itetsu sees a strange light that deposits the unconscious elemental lord pilots. Ryuzo wakes up with a hang over and is surprised to see such a beautiful day. Izaki wakes up to an image of Saphine. When he sees it’s just her sunglasses, he steps on them. He comments about how refreshed he is. Ken and the others look over the sea of trees. Mizuki wonders about Tokyo, but Ken says no matter how bad it is, they’ll rebuild it. Itetsu says they can start over with the true DC. Nanase comments on how sweet the air is. Ken wishes he could see Psybuster again, but he realizes that Earth can’t be dependent on the elemental lords. He says they should never let Earth have to depend on Psybuster again.


This is without a doubt the best episode of the series. Too bad it’s also the final one (that deals with the main plot anyway. Episode 26 is just Masaki’s back-story). Ken and the others head off for the final battle with Shu. The fight with the Granzons was actually rather interesting and didn’t just consist of Psybuster blowing things around (although that still happened). There’s no real final battle with Shu, but he was rather cowardly anyway. It was quite satisfying to see his and Saphine’s faces get melted off. It was quite something to see the worlds about to collide. Many famous landmarks, such as the pyramids and the Great Wall of China, were shown being destroyed. The elemental lords join together and use Cy Flash, the only attack shared with the original Cybuster, to destroy the worm hole and return the worlds to normal. Though Earth has taken a lot of damage, as Ken said, they’ll just rebuild it. Hope is always left in the box after all. There was even a subtle Ken/Mizuki moment. Overall, this episode is a satisfying conclusion to the main storyline.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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