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Psybuster Ep. 26: Offense and Defense of La Guias


In Tokyo, Japan, Itetsu Kamijo takes his son, Junichi, to the zoo. The young boy runs ahead of his father when Tokyo is suddenly enveloped in a white light. Junichi disappears into the light. On La Guias, a young boy named Billad is working on several mecha when an earthquake hits. He runs out to see Junichi appear. Billad checks him and sees that he’s still alive. High priestess Zeora appears and asks what happened. Years later, Junichi, now called Masaki, gets picked on by some other kids, but Billad beats them up. Zeora notes that Masaki and Billad are like real brothers. Masaki hums by himself when he sees a strange light. He follows the light and is led to Psybuster‘s stone tablet. A priest scolds him for trespassing in a sacred place. Billad and Masaki watch some kids fight. Billad tries to sneak in to help, but another boy is about to ambush him. Masaki sees this and hits the other boy with a rock. Billad helps his friends win and decides to show them something. He shows them a gun and uses it to destroy a rock. Masaki asks why he didn’t use it early, but Billad said he didn’t need it. He decides to show them something greater. He shows them the broken mecha, which he says are Elemental Machines. Even though they’re broken, he says he’s going to try and fix them because he wants to be like Shu Zoldark. Masaki asks who that is and Billad explains he was a man who didn’t rely on spirits and tried to change La Guias with science. Masaki asks what’s wrong with relying on the spirits, but Billad says it’s boring. Billad says the adults are just oppressing them with rules. He tells Masaki that he found him at that spot. Since Billad was the first one to find him, he says he’s like his real older brother. Over the next several years, Masaki grows up hearing about the spirits from Zeora.

A rebel force led by Billad stomps through a city with their elemental machines. Zeora is informed and wonders if Masaki is also a rebel. Zeora orders Masaki found. Masaki heads to the rebel base, where Billad is giving a speech. Billad says La Guias has stagnated in peace, so they must change the world with science. Billad sees Masaki and they go to talk in private. Masaki questions Billad’s actions but he says he’ll use power to get to the top. Masaki asks about the civilian casualties, but Billad says it’s inevitable. Masaki refuses to join him and asks that he not taint the planet with blood. Masaki says he hasn’t betrayed him, but he must stand as his enemy. Billad severs ties with him. The elemental machines destroy a town as they head to the temple. Zeora’s forces fight back with tanks, but the elemental machines easily destroy them. Zeora prays to the spirits for help and opens up the temple to take in survivors. Billad continues to advance, but Masaki stands in his way. Billad says he won’t let anyone get in the way of his dream and steps on Masaki. Psybuster’s tablet reactions and a bright light knocks Billad’s elemental machine down. Psybuster appears with Masaki as its pilot. Psybuster uses its wind and destroys all of the elemental machines. Masaki is praised as a hero and a true child of La Guias. Masaki remembers his time with Billad and screams. Some time later, strange rubble begins to fall from the sky. Zeora tells Masaki to take Psybuster and investigate. Psybuster flies into the white light to find the source. On Earth, a micro black hole bomb goes off. Masaki arrives and wonders what planet he is on.


For a DVD-only episode, this proved to be rather interesting. It tells of Masaki’s life on La Guias and his relationship with Billad. La Guias is certainly a mirror of Earth, in more ways than one. Whereas Earth relied on science, La Guias stayed spiritual. Shu and Billad had tried to change that. Masaki ends up being chosen by Psybuster and he has to kill the man he considered his big brother. This episode ends where episode 1 kicks off. As a whole, Psybuster is a mediocre, but still enjoyable series. Sure it gets a lot of flak for not being like its source material, but it was never supposed to be. If you’ve stuck with my reviews to this point, I highly suggest picking this series up if you find it in a bargain bin or something. I also suggest watching the English dub, as the English voice actors had a lot more fun with this series than the Japanese ones did. It can be a fun series if you let it be.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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