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Psybuster Ep. 3: The Collapse of Tokyo


A beam cannon for the Balcion and a Gatling gun for the RTs are tested. Mizuki wonders about something and goes to Saphine’s office. She enters when no one answers and sees Saphine walk out of another room with a box. She quickly hides it and asks Mizuki what she wants. She asks about yesterday’s work recorder but Saphine tells her to ask Izaki about that kind of stuff. Mizuki leaves but then recognizes the box Saphine was holding. Saphine realizes that Mizuki was looking for the deleted data on the box. Mizuki senses that she’s being followed and ends up punching Ken in the face. Nanase explains that they followed her because she looked down. They go to Ken’s house, where Mizuki apologizes for punching him. Mizuki explains that she got scolded for going into Saphine’s office. Nanase says she was also scolded for something she wrote in the company mail that was criticizing DC’s policies regarding arming the Balcion and RTs. She adds that she understands the need for a defensive policy but doesn’t think they need so many armaments and stuff like beam cannons. Sayuri serves them coffee and Ryuzo enters. He compliments Nanase for having an objective view of the DC and leaves for his office. Mizuki asks Ken if Ryuzo is still investigating DC, to which Ken replies that he is. The next day while working with the RTs, Mizuki asks where Nanase is. Lyune says she was demoted for what she wrote and won’t be allowed to work in the field anymore. The recruits try to convince Shu to let Nanase back into the field, but he has a meeting to go to. He promises to listen to them when he returns. Saphine tells them to go home and that they need to give out stricter punishment because of the times. She says if they want to criticize DC they should quit, but Mizuki says Nanase didn’t criticize, just stated her doubts. Saphine says if she wants to keep a diary, she won’t stop her, but posting it in public is a different matter. She adds to Mizuki that looking at filed work records is stealing of data. On the train home, Ken reminds Mizuki that Shu promised to listen to them about Nanase, and Mizuki decides to get off early. In his office, Ryuzo gets off the phone after finding out some one was dead. He looks at pictures of Tokyo Tower being destroyed by a white light. Mizuki enters and they go out to get something to eat. Saphine watches them from her car.

Mizuki explains about Nanase and says that she’s the one who will probably get punished. She tells him about how the data on the strange box she found was deleted and she was scolded for looking for it. They walk back and Mizuki continues on about the box Saphine was holding. Saphine tries to run them over, but Ryuzo pulls her away. Saphine gives chase but they run into an alley. Saphine drives through the building and manages to hit Mizuki. Itetsu, Ken and Nanase meet Ryuzo at the hospital. Ryuzo says she wasn’t hurt badly and Ken blames him. He says it was the same with his mom but Ryuzo says Mizuki was the target from the beginning. A few days later Ryuzo is taking Mizuki around in a wheel chair when Saphine visits them. Ryuzo introduces himself and Saphine recognizes him as “Topps,” the report investigating DC. Saphine starts to leave and Ryuzo asks her about how many of DC’s founding scientists have died. She says she wasn’t in DC then so she wouldn’t know. Ryuzo comments on how lucky Shu is to become DC’s leader when Dr. Frank died. Ken and Nanase visit Mizuki in her room and she talks about how she can’t wait to get back to work. Nanase mentions she’s thinking of quitting DC because she feels uneasy. Mizuki says she understands, but doesn’t think it’s right to give up on her dreams. Ken assures them both that he’ll protect them, but Nanase says she’s already decided. Ryuzo returns to his office to find Ken looking at the pictures of Tokyo Tower. Ken asks about DC and mentions how Nanase and Mizuki feel uneasy. He asks if Ryuzo has any proof that DC is suspicious but he says Ken has to figure that out himself. Ken asks about the pictures and Ryuzo says they’re his mother’s, Mariko’s, last work. Ryuzo remembers back to when a disaster hit Tokyo and Mariko was killed by debris while she was taking pictures. Ryuzo wonders what that white light was. Nanase thinks about what Mizuki says and finds flowers in some rubble. Shu returns to find Ken waiting for him. Ken asks where DC is headed and if the RTs and Balcion will be disarmed when Psybuster is defeated. Shu assures him they will since DC’s goal is to restore the environment. Ken says he’ll follow Shu wherever he leads them. Saphine drives away as another micro black hole goes off, causing Psybuster to show up again. As the recruits prepare to sortie, Nanase joins them and tells Ken she’s been allowed back onto the field. She says they have to work hard to achieve their dreams. Psybuster inspects the black hole crater.


Quite a bit of developments in this episode. We learn of Ken’s mother and her death, which is probably the main reason Ken dislikes his father. Nanase gets punished for speaking her mind, which shows that DC isn’t as ideal as they thought it was. She thinks of quitting but in the end decides to stay to help the environment. It’s rather amusing how Nanase is predominant in the opening and on the DVD covers when she doesn’t actually have much of an impact in the series. We’re finally starting to see the dark side of the DC, namely Saphine. It’s quite clear she’s the one setting off the micro black holes all over the place and she goes so far as to run down Mizuki because she’s seen too much. This won’t be her only attempt either. On the other hand, Ken has pledged his loyalty to Shu, who doesn’t seem like a bad guy at the moment, but come on. He’s Shu. Psybuster has also shown up once again. No skirt is safe.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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