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Psybuster Ep. 4: La Guias


Saphine places another micro black hole bomb in an abandoned area. Ken looks at the sky and thinks about what his father said about Mizuki being targeted. Nanase accuses him of slacking off and recalls a poem about the deep blue sky. Ken likes the sound of that and wonders if they’ll see a sky like that one day. Nanase says that’s why they joined DC. Ken picks up his shovel and says he’ll dig a huge flower garden. Mizuki comments that he looks better with a shovel than an RT. Ken is surprised to see her back and tells her to take it easy, suggesting she stay there and plant flowers. Mizuki and Nanase tease him about taking his job and Lyune calls it quits. She says her job is to pilot Balcion, not play in the dirt. Mizuki and Lyune start arguing, Mizuki asking if she really thinks she can take down Psybuster with Balcion alone. She asks what goals they’ll accomplish by turning DC into a military group. Lyune says they’ll achieve true peace but Mizuki says that dictators of the past said the same thing. Saphine tells Shu she’s thinking of making Mizuki Balcion’s pilot because Lyune thinks she’s special, which would hinder teamwork. Shu reminds her that Mizuki is against militarization and explains he gave everyone the day off to help them adjust to the changes. He says a pilot change would make things worse but he’ll think about it. Psybuster appears and the DC moves out. Psybuster just walks around at the RTs block its path. They fire their Gatling guns and Psybuster moves back. Ken asks Mizuki why she isn’t firing and Saphine tells her she’ll break formation, possibly causing her teammates harm. Saphine thinks she can kill two birds with one stone and activates the micro black hole bomb. The RTs’ and Balcion’s attacks seem to be working, but Psybuster shoots wind at the Balcion. Mizuki takes the hit but Lyune keeps going. Ken tries to hold her back and Mizuki grabs onto Psybuster. The micro black hole bomb explodes, engulfing Mizuki and Psybuster. Ken ejects, the escape pod knocking Balcion clear of the blast. Saphine is surprised it went so well. Later, she slaps Lyune for not retreating. Lyune claims she didn’t hear the orders and Saphine says her attachment to the Balcion causes her to act rashly, causing Mizuki’s disappearance. Lyune says Mizuki acted on her own and Ken yells at her because Mizuki did it to save her. Shu says they’ll search for her but tells them to take a break, prohibiting their use of RTs.

Ken returns home and heads straight to his room instead of eating dinner. Ryuzo asks what’s wrong and Ken explains that Mizuki disappeared. He wonders if it had something to do with what Ryuzo said before about her being targeted. Lyune apologizes to Itetsu but he says Mizuki was the one who wanted to join in the first place. Lyune says Mizuki was against using weapons and Itetsu says he doesn’t want to equip them either, but time are changing. She wonders what her father would think. Mizuki wakes up in a strange place. She wanders around and sees a man walking towards her. She asks where she is and the man says La Guias. He explains she was brought there along with Psybuster. He introduces himself as Masaki. Ken and the others are told Shu called off the search because no life signs were found. Saphine says they have to give up and all they can do is pray. Psybuster appears again and Izaki tells the new recruits that they’re to sortie as well. They complain, but Ken says he’s going to avenge Mizuki’s death. Lyune asks to sortie in the Balcion and Saphine gives her the OK. They surround Psybuster and attack, but Psybuster doesn’t fight back. Lyune tackles him but he easily defeats her. Ken says he doesn’t want to lose someone else and charges in. His teammates follow but Psybuster disappears. They get out of their mechs and check on Lyune, who’s alright. They see Mizuki walking towards them and Ken happily runs to her. After, Mizuki explains that Psybuster is an elemental lord robot from La Guias. Saphine doesn’t believe her, saying that she was just dreaming. Shu says he’s happy she’s safe and that they all have to work together. Mizuki and Lyune shake hands while Saphine looks on.


This episode sheds some of the mystery of Psybuster and introduces Masaki, who is nothing like his namesake in any respect. And that’s a good thing. We get to see La Guias, which was originally inside the Earth, but in this anime it’s a different world all together. Saphine makes another attempt on Mizuki’s life again and almost succeeds. Lyune is getting worse by the episode and for all her “I’m special” attitude, Masaki still easily kicks her ass whenever they meet. It’s kinda funny all this stuff is happening to everyone but Ken. He’s the main character after all, you’d think he be the one with problems to deal with. Also, for being his love interest, he didn’t seem that broken up over Mizuki’s ‘death.’ I suppose he just had faith she was alive. Mizuki is starting to see the truth of things, but the question is, who will believe her?

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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