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Psybuster Ep. 5: Artillery Training


Mizuki freezes up in a simulator battle against Psybuster, recalling her meeting with Masaki. Izaki warns her that if she keeps dreaming, she’ll be taken out of the mock battle the next day. Ken and Nanase find Mizuki in the library. She says she can’t get La Guias out of her mind. Ken tells her it doesn’t exist and Nanase adds that no one will believe her if she keeps it up and expresses her doubts that Psybuster saved her. Ken tells her to drop it and everyone else in the library stares at them for being too loud. Ken says they’re worried about her. While cleaning up underwater debris, Mizuki recalls Masaki telling her about how the micro black holes are sending rubble from Earth to La Guias. He explained that he goes to Earth with Psybuster to investigate and that if it continues, Earth and La Guias, which are connected by a wormhole, will be destroyed. Ken tells her she was just dreaming and she asks him what the black sphere was. Ken doubts it was a micro black hole and says that Psybuster causes them a lot of trouble. Then they start arguing. Izaki reports to Saphine about the drill using Balcion to simulate Psybuster. She points out that that even he’s started calling it Psybuster. Izaki says that Mizuki keeps going on about it as well as La Guias and the micro black holes. Nanase tells Mizuki about how worried Ken was when she disappeared, but she says to stop talking about him. Nanase tells Mizuki she’s been acting weird and needs time to herself. Ryuzo tells Itetsu that the danger Mizuki’s been in is no coincidence. He suspects the DC but Itetsu says he’s just an engineer. Ryuzo reminds him that he’s been in the DC since Dr. Frank was there, so he must suspect something. Itetsu says his daughter was just dreaming and Mizuki overhears it. Ryuzo asks him where DC is heading and adds that Mizuki’s troubles may stem from the truth about DC. Ryuzo leaves and Itetsu turns to see Mizuki, who runs away. Itetsu looks at something glowing in a jar and thinks back to Nine years ago. Dr. Frank was seriously injured in an explosion. Itetsu and Shu tend to him as Dr. Frank rambles on about shining dirt. Shu tells Itetsu to call an ambulance, but Dr. Frank later dies. The DC was in chaos afterwards until Shu became chief, however it started heading in a new direction. Itetsu wants to believe Mizuki, but without solid proof he can’t be on her side because of his position. Saphine walks away from the Balcion.

The next day the mock battle begins. Using fake bullets, the RTs will take on the Balcion, which will imitate Psybuster. They use giant fans to create wind to hide the Balcion while the RTs search for it. One pilot named Osamu Moriyama goes ahead to search and Lyune confronts him. He fires but the fans blow the bullets away. Balcion fires and eliminates Osamu. Izaki orders the RTs to fire smoke bombs. Lyune eliminates three RTs and Izaki tells Ken and Mizuki to advance. Mizuki hesitates before moving. They close in on Lyune, but she keeps them at bay. She reloads and Ken hits her. Saphine tells her to ignore it and keep firing on Mizuki. The Balcion actually fires live rounds, but Psybuster appears and takes the hit, damaging its leg. Saphine orders the RTs to attack but Mizuki says Masaki was only protecting her from the live rounds the Balcion fired. Saphine doesn’t listen to her and Mizuki begs the others to stop. They use the fans to hold him down but Psybuster stands up, pulling the RTs off of him. Saphine orders Lyune to attack, but she just stands there. Izaki orders them to retreat and Psybuster flies away, rather than disappearing. Saphine orders everyone back to headquarters. Mizuki insists that Psybuster isn’t an enemy and Ken adds that he saw the Balcion fire live ammo. Shu arrives and asks if it’s true. Lyune says she didn’t know there was live ammo. Izaki says that Psybuster didn’t disappear this time and headed to Mt Fuji. Shu leaves the search to Saphine and congratulates everyone for doing so well. Psybuster crashes into the forest around Mt Fuji. Later, Mizuki thanks Ken for taking her side as they watch the sun set together. Itetsu visits Ryuzo at his office and shows him the bottle of glowing dirt he got from Mizuki’s clothes. Ryuzo mentions that Dr. Frank was studying it and Itetsu says it’s not from the Earth. Ryuzo says they can believe Mizuki about La Guias.


A pretty dull episode. No one believes Mizuki’s story and Saphine tries to kill her yet again. We see how Dr. Frank (who is supposed to be Bian) died and how the DC started changing with Shu in charge. Masaki protects Mizuki and the Psybuster gets damaged in the process. Because of that act, Ken finally believes Mizuki. The formula of Psybuster showing up, kicking ass and disappearing is finally broken, as it can’t go back to La Guias because of the damage. Now the plot will really get moving.

Overall Rating
Psybuster Info


Hidehito Ueda

Denma Matsu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Yasuhiro Moriki
Koji Ito

Character Designer:
Takeshi Itou

Musical Composer(s):
Kenichi Sudo
Kazuo Nouta

26 episodes

Japan 05.03.1999 – 10.25.1999


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